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Landscape Fabric by the Roll

Do you need a lot of landscape fabric? Take advantage of a competitive price at Wovar and order landscape fabric on a whole roll of 100 meters. We supply premium quality 110grm2 UV-resistant landscape fabric. Our weed barrier for under decking and under gravel is also made of 50% recycled plastic. Because the weed membrane is UV-resistant, it will not let light through. This prevents weeds from growing.

We supply landscape fabric on a roll of 100 meters in the following widths: 105, 131, 165, 210, 330 and 420 cm.

In addition to landscape fabric on a roll of 100 meters, it is also possible to custom order landscape fabric per meter at Wovar for your desired size. In addition to our weed barriers, please check out all our tarps and clear plastic sheeting.

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The great advantage of landscape fabric is that, despite the fact that it does not allow light through, it is water permeable, so the fabric will not fill with water. Landscape fabric is therefore also extremely suitable to use between your plants.

Some tips for installing landscape fabric:

1. Calculate in advance how many square meters of landscape fabric will you need, so you know how many rolls of each width you should order. Of course, you should then also open your business account, so that you can enjoy extra fixed discounts.

2. Are you going to lay several strips of landscape fabric next to each other? Make sure that they overlap each other about 20 cm. As a result, no light gets through anyway.

3. When installing the weed barrier, use stones at each corner, so that you can lay it down easily and it cannot be blown away. Simply cut the weed membrane with a utility knife.

4. Secure the landscape fabric with ground cloth pins, so that the fabric cannot easily shift after that time.

Looking to buy landscape fabric by the meter? Then see our range of Landscape Fabric by the Meter under the complete range of Landscape Fabrics. Would you like to secure the landscape fabric by means of edging? Then view our wide range of garden edging.