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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Black Hinges

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe
The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe

Black Hinges

Wovar sells beautiful black hinges with either a modern or a rustic look for farms and country houses. The modern hinges in black have a sleek point. The rural hinges have a rustic point. Thanks to the high-quality black top coating, the handles have an enormous corrosion resistance. Let your garden come alive with the beautiful black door fittings from Wovar. Combine the black hinges with our beautiful black hinge hooks. Wovar supplies hinge hooks in two different sizes. Namely, 10mm and 16mm (most common). It is important that you order the correct hinge hooks with your hinges.

Buy now, our standard flat hinges with point or crescent in black, or the popular cranked hinges (with a kink), useful if you want to bring your gate a little more to the center of your upright. Larger offset hinges are also available, both in galvanised and in black. Looking for stainless steel hinges? Then view our stainless steel hinges category.

Hinges are also called strap hinges. Wovar supplies black hinges in 4 different types. These are flat hinges with a modern sleek tip, flat hinges with a rustic tip, cranked hinges with a rustic tip, and rustic offset hinges. You can easily mount Wovar's black hinges with our black carriage bolts or black coach screws.

Black Flat Hinges

The black flat hinges from Wovar come in 2 types. You can choose from flat hinges with a sleek modern tip and hinges with a rustic tip. There is no difference in quality. You can choose the hinge that suits your project best. For light doors for furniture, for example, you choose our 10 mm hinges. To make garden doors or garden gates, you can choose from hinges with an eye of 16 mm. Do not forget to order a hinge hook with every hinge.

Black Cranked Hinges

The black cranked hinges have a rustic tip. These create a beautiful rural look in your garden. The cranked hinges let your door fall approximately 20 mm inwards. This ensures that your door fits exactly into the door frame.

Black Offset Hinges

The black offset hinges, just like the cranked hinges, only come with a rustic tip. Because the hinges have an offset, it is possible to attach the hinge hook to the back of the post. This prevents the wind from blowing your door open.

Ordering Black Cranked Hinges

Order matching hinge hooks, carriage bolts, and coach screws together with your hinges. Renewable energy contractors, construction companies, Handyman companies, landscaping companies, and private gardeners, all receive extra benefits at Wovar by opening a business account.

Are black hinges not quite what you are looking for? View all our strap hinges here. Use our high-quality post holders to place your fence or garden gate.