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Clout Nails

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Clout Nails

Are you looking for clout nails to attach all kinds of plates or cardboard to wood or light masonry, for example? You can also easily nail roof shingles with it. Wovar's clout nails can therefore be used for many jobs. Wovar supplies clout nails made of very strong galvanised steel in 3 different sizes, namely; 3.0 x 15mm, 3.0 x 18mm, and 3.0 x 20mm. The wide head of the nails ensures a high clamping range. This also prevents the head from being knocked through soft material, such as roofing felt. The razor-sharp point ensures that the nail is quickly fixed with a good stroke. 

Do you want to attach wire mesh or wire to wood? Then use staples. You will find them in our range of staples.

Do you want to ensure a nice finish for the sloping roof of your summer house? Roof shingles provide a beautiful finish. Wovar's asphalt nails are perfectly suitable for a good attachment of the roof shingles. The different sizes and the wide heads of the nails ensure a good attachment to your roof because they have a high clamping range. You can also easily attach other materials, such as metal plates or cardboard, to wooden posts or masonry. When planting trees, you can also secure the tree tire to a tree post with asphalt nails.  

Buying your Clout Nails

Buy your asphalt nails for a very competitive price at Wovar. Also, take advantage of the volume discount when purchasing multiple boxes. Construction and landscaping companies can take advantage of additional benefits when you create a business account. This way you receive extra discounts and you have the option of express delivery.