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Proper watering is essential for maintaining a beautiful garden. Because nature does not always do what we want, it is important to control the watering of your garden yourself. Wovar offers several watering systems.

Hose pipes

Garden hoses are indispensable in every garden and are used for the movement of large amounts of water. Wovar's garden hoses differ in quality from ordinary garden hoses. Due to the strong reinforcement, they will not rotate during use, and you will not be bothered by kinks in the hose. Our hose pipes are also UV-resistant, which prevents algae from forming on the inside. Our yellow garden hoses can be used at temperatures of minimum -10 and maximum +50 degrees Celsius.


Wovar offers different types of garden sprinklers for the perfect watering of the garden. Sprinklers come in different types with corresponding properties. We are happy to help you pick the type of garden sprinkler that is most suitable for you and your garden. 

Oscillating sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers are perfect for automatic watering of large rectangular areas and large gardens. With Wovar's oscillating sprinklers, you can water surfaces up to 270 m².

Impulse sprinklers

Impulse sprinklers are ideal for even larger gardens and are also often used in agriculture. Our sector sprinklers irrigate areas up to a maximum of 625 m² and can be adjusted completely according to your wishes.

Spray guns

If you want to water your garden in a targeted and manual way, then our spray guns and sprayers are a better choice. Our garden sprayers are adjustable from a hard jet to a fine mist. Give your plants exactly the attention they need. 

Hose connectors

To connect your hose pipe to a tap, to connect several garden hoses, or to connect a sprinkler, you require different hose couplings. Connect a hose pipe to a tap by using a tap connection and a quick coupling. For the connection between a garden hose and a sprinkler, we recommend using a hose coupling with a water stop, which stops the water supply when you disconnect the sprinkler. Wovar also offers hose couplings to connect two garden hoses together or to repair a damaged garden hose.


Wovar offers premium brand hose pipes, hose connectors, garden sprinklers, and hose spray guns for the perfect watering of your garden. We also offer bulk users an extra competitive price with our volume discount when purchasing large amounts of the same products. 

Many gardeners and agricultural companies are already benefiting from the attractive advantages that Wovar offers, such as a business discount. Are you a business owner and do you also want to take advantage of these benefits? Create a free business account today!

Too much water instead of not enough? Check out our drainage channels.

Is this not quite what you are looking for? Explore our entire range of garden products, including plant supports, tree guards, weed membranes, and more.