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Insulation materials

There are several ways to insulate your house. Wovar offers different kinds of insulation material, like draught excluders and radiator foil.

Which kind of insulation?

You can find draught excluders and radiator foil, also called radiation reflector foil. Pay attention to the width of the draught excluders. Make sure they fit the gap you want to fill.

Radiator foil

Radiator foil, also called radiator reflector foil and radiator reflector, is easy to use. You simply place it behind a radiator and secure it with various magnets. This causes the warmth of the radiator to move into the room instead of being lost through the wall. Make sure to place the radiator foil with the reflecting side towards the radiator. The reflective layer causes the warmth to circulate better. Overall, using radiator foil results in a more constant temperature and lower heating costs. 

Draught excluders

Do you have a problem with draught in your house? Does it get cold quickly or do you feel a slight breeze in your neck when you are sitting on the sofa? This probably means air can come in past your doors or windows. With the extensive range of draught exclusion products at Wovar you can easily solve this problem. Wovar offers high-quality draught excluders - both strips and self-adhesive bands - and threshold seals made specifically for doors and windows, and even for your mailbox.

Pay attention to the size of the draught excluders. Every strip fits only a certain gap size.

Ordering insulation

Order insulation material to keep the temperature high and the energy costs low. More and more carpenters, interior designers, and kitchen fitters get to know the many advantages of having a business account. Sign up for free today!