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Stainless Steel Strap Hinges

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Stainless Steel Strap Hinges

Are you going to install a gate, garden fence, or fence door? Then use the Stainless Steel Strap Hinges from Wovar. These stainless steel strap hinges are made of stainless steel, which means they will not rust. Stainless steel hinges are available in many different shapes and sizes. You can choose from stainless steel strap hinges with a point, ranging from 40 to 80 cm long, and stainless steel strap hinges with square holes, which are finished with a crescent moon, ranging from 30 to 80 cm long. For stainless steel, we recommend wiping the material twice a year with a damp cloth, in order to guarantee an extremely long life.

When using stainless steel strap hinges, you should preferably also use our stainless steel gate hinge hooks and stainless steel carriage bolts for mounting.

Please note, because a gate hinge hook, on which these straight stainless steel strap hinges, are always mounted right on a post, your hinge will lie slightly "back". That is why most of our customers choose our cranked strap hinge. These have a small kink that makes your gate or fence fall inwards slightly. Sometimes customers order our offset strap hinges, this is a big bend so that the hinge comes forward, while the hinge bracket stays back.

Are you looking for a different stainless steel strap hinge style? Let us know, we can quickly switch with our manufacturers and possibly look for the right solution for you. Do not forget to order stainless steel carriage bolts or stainless steel coach screws.

Do you work with heavier material? Then choose a galvanised hinge, as these are a lot stronger than stainless steel ones. For this, go to our full range of Hinge Hooks and Hinges. These are available in even more varieties, so you can also choose from among our beautiful powder-coated black strap hinges.

Flat Strap Hinge

Wovar's strap hinges can be easily mounted on your gate or door, thanks to the handy mounting holes. The number of mounting holes is indicated per strap. All stainless steel hinges have at least 1 square mounting hole. These square holes are special for M8 carriage bolts. In any other mounting holes, you can choose to mount the rods with M8 carriage bolts or M8 coach screws.

Ordering Strap Door Hinges

Order matching gate hinge brackets, carriage bolts, screws, and studs with your rods. Do you have a construction, Handyman, or landscaping company? Then we recommend that you sign up for a business account. Business customers receive additional benefits at Wovar. Use our high-quality post holders to place your fence or garden gate.

Do you want hinges with a kink or hinges with an L curve? View our entire range of strap hinges and gate hinge brackets here.