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Wovar Gate Hardware

Are you going to build a gate or fence in your garden or elsewhere in your yard? Wovar offers you everything you need to build a beautiful fence or gate. You can easily make a beautiful wooden garden gate yourself. For a wooden gate or fence, you can use, for example, our handles and other hinges. This way you get a gate with a unique appearance. Then, to secure your gate properly, combine the handles with bolts and locks. You can also opt for a plate bolt and gate locks, which offer a more traditional look. Are you also going to build a fence? Then choose post caps, which take the finish of your fence to a higher level! Do you find it difficult to make a choice between all the rods and our other gate fittings? Then we also have ready-made gate fitting sets, where you get everything in 1 complete set. Hinges are normally mounted on metal hinge hooks. For a more invisible attachment, choose screw hooks. Do you find it difficult to make a straight garden door or gate? Or does this port have to be extra sturdy? Then choose our iron door frames. You can cover these yourself with planks or other material. The frame forms a strong foundation for every door.

For a very strong attachment of your gate or fence, choose our coach screws, carriage bolts, or garden screws. All these fasteners are available in different sizes and types. Think of black coated carriage bolts with your black hinges, a galvanized screw for large weights, or a stainless steel screw against rust. For the fastening of hardwood planks, choose our hardwood screws with an AR coating, which is especially resistant to tannic acids.

Hinge Hooks and Hinges

Wovar specializes in hinge hooks and hinges for your garden door or yard gate. You can opt for hinges in black, but also stainless steel hinges and galvanized hinges. These strap hinges come in different sizes and types. Choose flat hinges, cranked hinges, offset hinges, black hinges with square holes, rustic - farmhouse hinges, hinges for shutters, or middle hinges. A black strap hinge gives a more modern look to your garden gate, while the gray galvanized or stainless steel strap hinges give a more traditional look. A cranked hinge or offset hinge ensures that you let the gate fall away or place the hinge hooks at the back. A hinge, strap hinge, or gate door hinge, is a popular type of hinge that is not only extremely strong, but mounting a gate hinge is also very easy. Mounting hinges on your garden fence door or gate is done using one of our types/sizes of bolts.

Bolts and Locks

A beautiful garden door, gate, or fence naturally also includes good gate hardware. It is important that it also remains closed when you close it. You can choose from Gate Lock, Barrel Bolt, and Gate Latches for this. With the help of a cane bolt, you keep a garden gate open when you use it. You can also use this to additionally lock the door when it is closed. These cane bolts are also available as an extra-long variant: the monkey-tail bolts. There is also an elegant model of these with a rounded handle: the bayonet latches. For a gate with a more traditional effect, choose throw-over-gate latches. This is a lightning-fast and easy way to close your gate. To always keep the door open, or to stop it when it opens, use gate stops. You can choose from a wall bracket, door catch, door stopper, or wind hook. The gate stops offer extra ease of use at the gate, but also protect the garden door against opening. You can install bolts, door stoppers, and more using our screws.

Post Caps

Post caps are an easy and beautiful way to add extra decoration to your fence. A "bare" fence post is too standard for some people. In such a case, place post caps on top of the fencing posts. You can choose from pyramid post caps, which look great with most fences. Prefer something extra special? Then you go for the ball top post caps. For round posts, use our round post caps. If you want to enjoy your post cap for a long time, choose stainless steel post caps, which are resistant to rust. If this is not a problem, then galvanized post caps are a suitable accessory for your garden fence. Finally, there are black post caps for people with a black fence (but also for a contrasting effect with bare wood). These give an elegant and modern look to your posts. You can easily decorate the fence with a post ornament. The post ornaments give a completely different look but are also very simple to use.

Gate Fitting Sets

Do you have trouble choosing, or do you go for convenience? Then we have ready-made gate fitting sets for you! These gate fitting sets are a complete kit for your garden door or gate. There are also complete hinge sets, consisting of a strap hinge with an adjustable hinge hook. You can choose the lock or latch yourself. In this case, the hinge is also known as an adjustable gate fitting. The gate fitting sets consist of two hinges, two hinge hooks, a gate lock, and the necessary mounting material.

Screw Hooks

Screw hooks are an alternative to hinge hooks. Where hinge hooks consist of a piece of sheet metal that you screw against the post, the screw hook is a loose hook with a screw end. This gives a more sleek look to your gate or door. An additional advantage of the screw hook is that you determine yourself at what distance the hook is from the frame. After pre-drilling, you can screw the screw hook directly into the wood. Mounting in stone is done using nylon plugs.

Latches and Gate Locks

Are you looking for a drop bolt, gate lock, or garden lock to properly close your garden gate or fence door? Wovar has a wide range of slide bolts and gate locks ready for you! You can choose from different types and sizes of closures, made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or black. With our black padlock bolts or slide bolts, you can create a modern look for your door or gate. The thick black powder coating ensures that the metal is well protected, even against rust. The thick coating is wear-resistant, so will last a long time. Black closures are best combined with our black garden screws

Iron Door Frames

Choose from one of our many iron door frames. With a door frame, also called gate frame, you can make a sturdy gate or door very quickly. Where you work with beams with a homemade gate, in this case the steel frame is responsible for the sturdiness. Do you want a fully-fledged lock on your garden door? The gate frames also provide space for a lock case. This way you can hide everything beautifully, while retaining the construction strength. We supply our door frames for garden doors including suspension eyes. The door frames come in different sizes, so you can choose how wide and high your door will be.