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Gate Hardware

Are you going to build a gate or fence in your garden or elsewhere on your property? Wovar offers everything you need to construct a beautiful gate or fence. You can easily make a gorgeous gate yourself. For a wooden gate you can use, for instance, our hook and band hinges, as well as other types of hinges. This gives your gate a unique appearance. Next, to properly secure your new garden gate, combine the hinges with gate locks. Gate latches and bolts also lock the gate and create a more traditional look. If you want concealed mounting material, gate screw hooks are the way to go. Are you finding it hard to make a choice with all these options? We also offer complete hardware sets, so you can get all the gate fittings you need and only have to decide on the style. 

Use coach screws, coach bolts, or garden screws to fasten the gate fittings to the gate or fence. All our fasteners are available in different sizes and colours. For example, use our black coach bolts with black hinges, galvanised screws for heavy loads, or stainless steel screws when rust-resistance is important. If you are working with hardwood, opt for screws with an AR coating. This coating protects the screws against the tannic acid in the wood.

Hinge hooks and hinges

Wovar specialises in hinges and hinge hooks - sometimes called hinge pins - for garden gates. Opt for black hinges, or pick your favourite from our stainless steel hinges and galvanised hinges. The band part of the hook and band hinges is available in all kinds of shapes, colours, and sizes. We offer flat hinges, cranked hinges, offset hinges, hinges with a rustic tip, black hinges, adjustable hinges, T-hinges, and more. A black hinge creates a more modern look, while a grey galvanised or stainless steel hinge give a more traditional appearance. A cracked or offset hinge allows the door to be flush with the fence, and means you can place the hinge hooks on the other side. Our wide range of hinge hooks ensures that you will find the hinge hook that will complete your hinge. Hook and band hinges are popular hinges for garden gates because they are strong and easy to install, as well as looking great. Fasten hook and band hinges easily with one of our many types of bolts.

Gate bolts, latches, and locks

Once you have a beautiful gate, you will also need a way to secure the door. It is important that the gate also stays closed after you shut it. There are several options to make this happen. Opt for a lever gate latch when you want to close the gate, but not necessarily lock it. You can use them in combination with one or more of our gate bolts, such as cane bolts. Cane bolts and monkey tail bolts have the added advantage of also being able to keep the door open. Other options include drop bolts, barrel bolts, and sliding bolts, all of which are available in grey and black galvanised steel. In addition to adding a modern look to your gate, the black coating protects the metal against corrosion. 

Gate locks

For a sleek lock and handle, check out our gate locks, where you will find mortice locks with handle and backplate. Choose an elegant black gate lock or go for traditional and rust-resistance with a stainless steel lock. 

Gate stops and holders

Sometimes you need the gate to be open for a longer period of time. In these cases, you use gate stops and holders. Pick from wall-mounted door holders, rubber gate stops, gate hooks, and more. The gate stops and holders are a simple and effective way to keep your gate open. On top of that, they protect both the door and the wall, fence, or window against sudden gusts of wind that slam the door against the wall. 

Gate fittings sets

Are you overwhelmed by all the options, not sure what exactly you need, or just opting for convenience? Then our complete sets with gate fittings are the perfect solution. With one of these sets, you receive a complete kit with all the materials required for fitting your garden gate. The sets include 2 hook and band hinges, a gate latch, and all the necessary fasteners. We also offer adjustable gate fittings, which consists of a set with a hinge and hinge hook. These gate fittings can be adjusted to fit your gate.

Gate screw hooks

Gate screw hooks are an alternative to hinge hooks. Hinge hooks are a pin on a plate that is attached to the post. Screw hooks are a pin on the end of a threaded rod. This different shape also means there is a different mounting method. After drilling a pilot hole, you simply twist the screw hook into the post. If you are mounting the gate to a stone or concrete wall, you will also need nylon wall plugs. The biggest advantage of gate screw hooks is that they allow you to determine the exact distance between the pin and the wall or post.

Anti-climb spikes

Wovar offers three types of anti-climb spikes: anti-climb brackets, bird spikes, and anti-climb strips . Depending on the purpose of the anti-climb products, it has a different shape and is made of a different material. Do you want to deter burglars from climbing to your roof? Then go with the anti-climb bracket, which you can install around your drainpipe. Similarly, if you want to prevent robbers from climbing your fence, opt for anti-climb strips. Are you plagued by pigeons or other birds on your property? Our bird spikes prevent birds from sitting on top of your fence or gate.