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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Door Stops

Are you looking for sturdy door stops or door buffers to prevent damage to your inner or outer door? Wovar has a wide and broad range of doorstops for indoor and outdoor use. Think of rubber door stoppers in different sizes and colors. Our doorstops in black are very popular. In addition to rubber door buffers, we also supply luxury door stops made of stainless steel. These are available in different models, both for fixed mounting (screwed) and separate models that hold doors with their weight.

Order door stoppers and door buffers from Wovar for the lowest price. Wovar delivers doorstops from its own stock to your home at lightning speed. Unless otherwise stated in the article. Construction companies and landscape gardeners benefit from many advantages with a business account.

In addition to door stops and door buffers, we also supply door holders, monkey tail bolts, and cane bolts for your garden gate.

Stainless Steel Door Stops

Our stainless steel door stops are available in different models. You can choose from short models, tall models, with screwed mounting, or loose block models. A loose stainless steel door stopper from Wovar is super easy to use. You simply put this on the floor to prevent the door handle from damaging the wall. So you don't need any tools or the like for this. You can also easily pick it up and move it. You often see these doorstops in the living room where the door buffer is on the floor around the corner of the door. Thanks to its weight and non-slip bottom, the door buffer does not shift when the door hits it. Apart from these loose door stoppers, you can also opt for door stoppers suitable for permanent mounting on the wall or floor!

Rubber Door Stoppers in Different Colors

With rubber door stoppers, moving is less easy because you fasten it with a screw. You can also mount it on a wall or on the floor. Small door stops are often mounted against the wall where the door handle otherwise touches the wall, while large door stops are often mounted on the floor, but it really is up to how it best suits you. When mounting on wood, you only need screws. When anchoring on stone and concrete, you must also order our nylon plugs. Neither screws nor plugs are included with our doorstops and should be purchased separately.

Installing Rubber Door Stoppers in Stone or Concrete

For each door stopper, it is indicated which screws you should use to mount it. It also indicates which plugs you can use for anchoring it in stone and concrete. You can drill in stone or concrete with a concrete drill or hammer drill. You choose the same thickness of the drill bit as the diameter of the plug you need. You can use the correct depth by taking the length of the plug and adding 1 cm. By sticking a simple tape on the drill you will see when you have drilled deep enough. Then place the plug in the hole and you can screw on the door stoppers.

Mounting Rubber Door Stoppers on Wood

When mounting on softwoods, it is not necessary to pre-drill the screw. You do need to pre-drill when mounting on hardwood with our hardwood drills. For 4.0 mm thick screws, choose a 3.0 mm thick hardwood drill. For 5 mm thick screws, a 3.5 mm thick drill is sufficient. For 6 mm thick screws, a 4 mm thick wood drill is preferred. Please note, if you are going to screw your door stopper on tannic hardwood such as Oak or Garapa, then you should always choose our coated screws for Oak and Garapa. These are not affected by tannic acid.