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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Door Hardware

Are you looking for a beautiful door handle, doorknob, or door stop? Wovar supplies door hardware in many types, colours, and sizes. Wovar has door hardware for both exterior and interior doors. Choose between galvanised and stainless steel, handles and knobs, door stops and letter plates. In addition to our door handles and door fittings, check out our gate hardware. In this category, you can also find accessories for your exterior doors, such as door holders.

Black Door Handles

Wovar has a wide range of stainless steel door handles and our popular black door handles. You can also find matching escutcheons for doors with a lock, including thumb turn locks for bathroom doors.

Letter plates

You can also contact Wovar for your own letter plate at the front door or in a post. Wovar has different models of letter plates. The corresponding draught excluder is also available. You can easily place this in your front door for a beautiful, energy-efficient letterbox.

Door knobs

Are you looking for a door knob for your front door or rotatable doorknobs for interior doors? Wovar offers a broad range of door knobs for all kinds of doors and styles. All our door knobs are of great quality and have been beautifully designed. You can choose from several colours, shapes, and materials as well as between door knobs for interior and exterior doors.

Door stops

Are you looking for sturdy door stops or door buffers to prevent damage to your interior or exterior doors? Wovar offers a broad range of door stops for indoor and outdoor use. Think of rubber door stops in different sizes and colours. Our doorstops in black are very popular. In addition to rubber door buffers, we also offer luxury door stops made of stainless steel. These are available in different models, both for fixed mounting and freestanding models that hold doors with their weight.