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Wovar Door Hardware

Are you looking for a beautiful door handle, doorknob, or door stopper? Wovar supplies door hardware in many types, colors, and sizes. Wovar has door hardware for both exterior and interior doors. Choose from sliding door fittings, which are often used for loft doors, or, or black built-in cylinder locks for garden doors. At Wovar you have come to the right place for security handles, door closers, peepholes, and doorbells.

In addition to an extensive range of door handles and door fittings, Wovar also supplies master key cylinders and mortise locks. This way you avoid carrying around a thick bunch of keys because you can open all your doors with the same key. That's handy! Construction companies, gardeners, and Handyman companies benefit from extra benefits with a business account. Think of a discount, a permanent contact person, and a clear order history.

In addition to our door handles and door fittings, also have a look at our garden gate hardware, with the hinge hooks and hinges. Wovar also has various mailbox slots, also known as letterbox plates. The corresponding letterbox draft valve is also available for this. Complete your order and also order your hinges at Wovar!

Trendy Black Door Hardware

Wovar supplies many different types of door handles and door fittings. We supply built-in cylinder locks for garden doors, door handles, gate locks, and sliding door fittings for loft doors. The material varies from aluminum to stainless steel and from white to black powder-coated. This way we almost always have the right door hardware you are looking for.

Below we will discuss our range of door handles and hardware in more detail. In addition to locks and door handles, we also supply master key locking cylinders. This way you can open and lock all your doors with 1 key. That seemed so useful to us!

Built-in Cylinder Locks for Garden Doors

Our built-in cylinder locks for garden doors are very popular. Especially the black model with straight handles can be seen in many gardens of European households. In addition to providing a beautiful appearance, its popularity is also due to the excellent price/quality ratio. Our gate locks with stainless steel door handles are also very popular.

We understand that not everyone has to deal with the installation of built-in cylinder locks on a daily basis. However, you can easily install our built-in cylinder locks yourself.

Retro Door Handles From the 1930s

In addition to the continuing trend of black door fittings, we are increasingly seeing a shift towards more retro door hardware. This 1930s style door handle is characterized by the combination of matt nickel with black ebony. These beautiful door handles give your interior a more nostalgic classic look, while the black door fittings give your interior a more industrial and modern look. The trend of 1930s door fittings is emerging and will have its full breakthrough in 2022, according to trend-watchers.

Exterior Door Hardware

Separate door hardware is required for an external door. This door hardware has extra safety features and is in most cases provided with an SKG quality mark, like security plates with core pull protection. These locks are fitted with a safe cylinder, with the front having hard metal protection inside the cylinder. For example, it is not possible to turn a screw in the lock and pull it out. You can also equip the outside door with a door chain, a gap holder, or an extra lock. This way you have a safe outside door, which makes it as difficult as possible for burglars. If you want to provide a gate in your garden with a lock, we have gate locks for this, as well.

Door handles and Door Handles on Plates

Are you looking for a door handle for your garden door, interior door, or front door? Wovar has door handles on plates and rosettes in many different shapes and sizes. This way we always supply a door handle that suits you best. Door handles are supplied complete with screws. You must purchase the lock yourself if you have not already done so. Are you looking for a door handle for the bathroom? Then check out all our privacy door handles and knobs.

For straight handles, pay particular attention to the Backset size of your lock. This is not necessary for door fittings with a rosette. The backset spacing indicates the distance between the hole the stud has to pass through to connect your door handles and the hole of the cylinder. Choose from black door handles or stainless steel material. You can also buy door handles, rosettes, and separate door plates at Wovar for the lowest prices.

Sliding Door Hardware for Loft Doorsschuifdeurbeslag

Loft doors are a new emerging trend in Europe. A loft door is a hanging sliding door that is moved by 2 wheels. Wovar supplies the systems and hardware for making and hanging a loft door. We have trendy black sliding door fittings and even in white. Additionally, our sliding door systems also vary in shape and lengths of the rails. 

Our black sliding door system of 200 cm is very popular. This is mainly used in combination with oak wood. Because this rail consists of a complete whole, you can move your loft door from left to right without hindrance.

On our Sliding Door Systems page, you can find our popular sliding door rails for interior doors and Wovar's sliding door handles, which are always supplied complete with matching mounting hardware and installation instructions. You must, however, purchase the necessary tools yourself.

Sliding Door Handles

In addition to the sliding door rails, traditional door handles should of course not be missing. Choose simple handles for your barn door, or go for elegant black handles for your loft door, for example. All our black handles are black powder-coated.

Are you looking for a complete set of hardware for your door? View all our complete door hardware sets! Do not forget to always order a barrel lock, cabinet lock, or day and night lock. Do you want extra security at your door? Then, you can install door peepholes, so you can see who is at the door.

Mail Slots for Doors

You can also contact Wovar for your own through-door mail slot at the front door or in a post. Wovar has different models of mail slots. The corresponding mail slot draft valve is also available. You can easily place this in your front door for a beautiful, energy-efficient mail slot.

Black Door Handles

Wovar has a wide range of stainless steel door handles, upcoming retro door handles, and our popular black door handles. You can also contact us for all your trendy black door handles! For example, consider our black door handle on a plate. This provides your interior and exterior doors with a beautiful black door handle. You can choose from a butterfly model, coupe model, thumb model, block model, or one of our many other models and sizes. You can also find various models of the black door handle on a rosette for only the door handle, without a lock. Would you rather have a latch with a toilet door lock? Then, we have many black privacy door handles and privacy door knobs to choose from. Match your door hardware with our leather shelf brackets, for example, to place fragrance sticks on in your bathroom.