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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Swing Set Brackets

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Swing Set Brackets

Do you want to easily make a swing set yourself? With the swing set brackets from Wovar, you can quickly and easily build a sturdy swing set for your garden! Wovar has swing brackets for round posts and square beams. Free fasteners are included with every swing bracket. Additionally, our swing brackets are available for different post and beam thicknesses. Swing brackets for round posts 10 cm or 12 cm thick are very popular. But also for square beams of 9 x 9 cm!

In addition to our swing set brackets, also view our extensive range of post holders and pergola brackets! Complete your order and order carriage bolts, coach screws, or construction lag screws at the same time!

Wovar supplies swing set connecting pieces for making a swing set out of round posts and square posts. You can choose from the colors green and red. What is very handy, is that Wovar includes free fastening materials with every swing set bracket! You just need to provide the tools yourself.

Swing Set Connectors for Round Posts

Wovar supplies swing connectors for round posts suitable for thicknesses of 10 cm and 12 cm. The biggest difference is in sturdiness.

Ordering your Swing Set Brackets

Simply order our strong swing set brackets at Wovar for the lowest prices. Companies in the construction, Handyman, and garden sector receive additional benefits with a business account such as extra discounts.

In addition to these swing set brackets, Wovar also supplies shelf brackets and post holders.