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Do you want to combine our coach screws with a wall plug? Make sure you choose the right plug for the coach screw you are using. We made a helpful overview, which you can see below.

Which plug belongs to which coach screw
Thickness coach screw Diameter plug
Coach screw M6 8.0–10.0 mm
Coach screw M8 10.0–12.0 mm
Coach screw M10 12.0–14.0 mm
Coach screw M12 14.0–16.0 mm

Coach screws are extremely popular because of their hexagonal head. This head creates a screw that can be tightened very well. You can do this by using a ring, open-ended, or combination spanner. Coach screws are often used for securing posts in post holders and with pergola connections. The coach screws ensure a tight and strong connection.

Wovar offers galvanised, stainless steel, black, and double-headed coach screws. Galvanised coach screws are incredibly strong, so you are guaranteed a reliable junction. The stainless steel screws can also be used for building structures like canopies, furniture, and playground equipment. Black coach screws are coated with a black coating that also protects the screw against corrosion. The double-headed screws make stripped screws a thing of the past, so you will always be able to easily remove it.

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Wovar Coach Screws

Wovar provides high-quality coach screws with a durable screw thread. Our stainless steel and galvanized metal lag screws are widely used in timber construction. Choose from a variety of head sizes such as M8, M10, and M12. The hexagonal head is easy to tighten with a socket wrench, ring spanner, or open-ended spanner. Wovar supplies coach screws made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, and black galvanized steel. If you are unsure if bolts are the way to go for you, then check out our wood construction screws with their wide heads, instead, which are also in hot demand by handymen and carpenters. These can be driven faster thanks to their Torx head. Order your galvanized or stainless steel coach screws or construction lag screws from premium brand Wovar and receive your delivery within 2-5 business days!

Coach Screws are Bolts with a Pointed Tip

At Wovar, choose from various galvanized and stainless steel coach screws in lengths up to 140 mm. These galvanized bolts were also referred to as wood frets in the past. Wovar's coach screws are made of galvanized steel. With these so-called wood frets, you can, for example, mount plates of concrete bases on wooden uprights.

Our M8, M10, and M12 coach screws are also widely used in wood construction projects such as building roofs and wooden sheds. This is because the coach screws are very strong. We always recommend pre-drilling. This is easy with our 6 mm thick hardwood drills. Prefer to use a Torx screw? Then also view our popular zinc plated wafer head screws or stainless steel chipboard screws.

Galvanized Coach Screws

Galvanized coach screws from Wovar are very strong. This is because the studs are made of galvanized steel. The disadvantage of galvanized steel is that the studs can oxidize or rust after damage to the zinc layer. Therefore try to damage the zinc layer as little as possible. This happens 9 out of 10 times while screwing in. Therefore, always use a ring, wrench, socket, or open-end wrench with the correct wrench size. Then the chance that damage will occur is the smallest.

Stainless Steel Coach Screws

Stainless steel coach screws do not rust or oxidize. Stainless steel coach screws are less strong, however, than galvanized coach screws. This is because stainless steel is softer than galvanized steel. Just like the galvanized bolts, the stainless steel bolts must be mounted with a ring, nut, socket, or open-end wrench with the correct head size.

Black Coach Screws

Wovar's black coach screws are widely used when mounting black hinges. The coach screws have a special Deltacoll® coating and are made of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel ensures that the black studs are very strong. The high-quality black Deltacoll® coating makes the studs resistant to rust and oxidation. The black topcoat has good adhesion that does not come off quickly.

Buying Coach Screws (Yes, they are bolts!)

Order your high-quality coach screws from Wovar for the lowest prices! Take advantage of our volume discounts for an even better deal. Renewable Energy and Renovation contractors, such as Handyman companies, construction companies, and gardeners, receive extra benefits at Wovar, such as fixed discounts with a business account.

In addition to coach screws, Wovar also supplies strong Torx screws made of galvanized steel and galvanized double-headed screws for wood recycling.

Wovar supplies coach screws in many shapes and sizes. Popular sizes are studs M8 and studs M10. Thicker sizes are also easy to order, like our M12 coach screws, for example. Besides these super-strong coach screws, Wovar also supplies high-quality carriage bolts.

Are you building a roof, garden house, or carport with a flat roof? Choose our high-quality EPDM membrane. Do you want to anchor wood to stone? Then use our hammer plugs or frame plugs.