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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware

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Are you looking for fasteners? Then you are definitely at the right place at Wovar! Wovar specializes in all kinds and sizes of screws and fasteners. Use our fasteners to secure everything in and around your home. Wovar sells fasteners such as bolts with matching nuts and washers. You have also come to the right place for your hooks and eyes. Screws can be ordered in many shapes and sizes. Think of decking screws, wood screws, and construction lag screws. All these screws are available in stainless steel, coated, and galvanised versions. With our wide range of fasteners, there is always a fastener for your job.

At Wovar you can buy fasteners at competitive prices and receive them quickly and easily at home. Because we deliver from our own large stocks, you enjoy low prices, but also fast delivery. We also offer extra discounts on many of our products. For this, we would like to point out our volume discounts. When purchasing a fixed, larger batch, you will receive a discount on the unit price. Business customers are put in the spotlight at Wovar. By creating a business account, businesses, like carpentry or construction companies, are eligible for additional benefits. Think of a fixed business discount on our products, direct contact with a trained professional, and access to a detailed order overview.


Wovar supplies high-quality screws in various shapes and sizes. Think of our popular terrace screws, also known as deck screws. We have wood screws, also known as garden screws, for jobs in and around the house. For the tough jobs, choose our construction lag screws, with an enormous clamping range.


For mounting heavy materials, sometimes bolts are the better choice. Bolts are strong and sturdy fasteners, which are combined with a nut and washer. Prefer the power and head of a bolt, but without the metric thread? Then our coach screws are what you are looking for. You can also order the well-known tap bolts from us. The professional handyman also orders threaded rods from us.

Nails, rivets, and staples

Nails, rivets, and staples are easy to drive into the wood surface. You can do this with a claw hammer or with a staple/nail gun. For a more professional fastening, please refer to our range of screws.

Glue and sealant

For quick and easy attachment, or to seal edges, use adhesives and sealants. Wovar sells various types of adhesives and sealants as fastening material. Think of our stone glue, cement glue, or EPDM glue. A high tack adhesive or superglue is also possible. Don't forget our duct tape or masking tape, which always come in handy. 

Hooks and eyes

Quickly hang or attach something? Then hooks and eyes are the perfect fastening material. Popular products in this category are our carabiners and screw eyes. To tension a line, use our wire tensioners. 

Builders band

With builders band, also referred to as fixing band or multipurpose fixing band, you ensure that your construction is firmly put together. These fasteners are popular for pipes and air ducts. 

Rope and chains

Want to quickly secure something? Do you work with loose objects that you want to hang or bundle together? Then our ropes and chains are the right fastening material for you! Order the rope and chain per meter.