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Bolts and LatchesGate Hardware

Bolts and Latches

Looking for a barrel bolt, sliding bolt, or cane bolt for your gate? Wovar has an extensive range of bolts and latches in galvanised steel, stainless steel, and black. All of our black bolts and latches are made of steel with a black powder coating. This coating is wear-resistant and produces a stunning, black colour. Added to that, the black coating protects the bolts and latches from rust.

Some of our barrel bolts and latches can be locked with a padlock. Most of our bolts and latches do not include fasteners, so remember to add those to your order as well.

Lever gate latches

Lever gate latches are easy to install and to use. They are similar to a regular door handle. On one side, there is a handle, and on the other is a latch. Lever gate latches are sturdy and incredibly convenient for opening and closing your gate. We offer lever gate latches in stainless steel, galvanised steel, and black coated steel.

Wide variety

Whether you are looking for a compact sliding bolt or barrel bolt, or leaning more towards a sturdy cane bolt or throw over gate latch, you can find it on our website. All our latches and bolts are available in various materials and finishes, and you can find most of these products in different sizes as well. Because of this, there is always a product that matches the size and style of your gate.

Buy latches and bolts

Order latches and bolts in all shapes and sizes today. Complete your gate with gate hinges, available in black, galvanised, straight, cranked, and offset. Or make sure the gate can stay open as well as closed, and have a look at our gate stops and holders. If you prefer a lock on your garden gate, check our selection of gate locks, complete with handles.