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Galvanised Nails

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Galvanised Nails

Did you know that nails are also called wire nails? Wovar has a wide range of galvanised wire nails made of hard-drawn wire to limit warping. For example, nails with lost or countersunk heads are available in many sizes. Galvanised nails are very strong and can therefore be used for many jobs. You can also order an assortment box of nails from us. This way you are immediately provided with different sizes of galvanised nails. Handy for various jobs!

Are galvanised nails not quite what you are looking for? Also, view our stainless steel nails or galvanised screws .

The advantage of galvanised nails is that they are very strong and even stronger than stainless steel. For example, these can be used for jobs with heavier material. In addition, galvanised nails have a long service life. However, they can rust when damaged by moisture. 

Flat Countersunk Nails

The galvanised nails with countersunk heads are made of hard-drawn wire. This reduces the chance of the nail being bent. The flat countersunk head is helpful in reducing the visibility of the nail. You can order these fasteners in 2 x 40 mm, but you can also choose an assortment box, both 3 and 7 pieces. The different lengths provide a solution for every job!

Ordering Galvanised Nails

Order your galvanised nails now for the lowest price at Wovar! Construction companies and landscape gardeners receive extra benefits from Wovar with a business account.