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Drainage Channels

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
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Drainage Channels

Do you want to get rid of excess rainwater in and around your garden? Then a drainage channel might be just what you need. Wovar offers various drainage channels and accessories. The drainage channels are available in two different heights: 105 mm and 55 mm. You can also choose between a plastic or galvanised steel grate.

Heavy rain showers are getting more frequent, and it is increasingly common to pave your garden. However, all the stone means it is harder for water to drain away, resulting in an excess of water.

Drainage channel and accessories

It is important to order not just the drainage channel, but also the corresponding accessories. Wovar offers all kinds of accessories that are necessary for a well-functioning drainage channel. For example, end caps to close off the channel, and outlets to connect the channel to the larger drainage network. For the drainage channels with a height of 55 cm, we also offer a stench filter, which filters out bad smells.

You will find drainage channels with two different materials in our webshop. On the one hand, there are the channels with a galvanised steel grate, and on the other hand, drains with a plastic grate. Also, have a look at the tools you need to install a drainage channel. You will find this information on the product pages.

Patio drain

Large amounts of rainwater on your patio or driveway can be a pain, so having a good drainage system can save you a lot of aggravation. A drainage channel can be placed right next to the stones of your patio or driveway. The result is no more excess water, which in turn reduces the risk of sagging and limits the formation of puddles.

Place the drain in a place where the water gathers. If there is not one specific place, you could create a slight (1%) slope towards the drainage channel. There are many advantages to drainage channels, for example, they are easy to use and assembly of the different parts is simple. On top of that, they increase the lifespan of the pavers or stones in your garden, driveway, or patio, because they are not covered as much or as often by large amounts of water.

Big and small drainage channels

We offer drainage channels in two sizes: the regular version and the shallow version. The regular drainage channels have a height of 105 mm, and is meant for in your garden or patio, where there is an excess of water. The shallow channels are for places that do not get as much water, like balconies or a garage. Both channels can be installed in a straight line as well as at a 90° angle. Before installing the drains, we recommend placing them in the desired positions to see if the arrangement really works. Keep in mind that the pipe attached to the drain should have a diameter of 110 mm.

Installing a drainage channel

Installing a drainage channel is something you can do yourself. To make it as easy as possible, we made a guide on how to fit a drainage channel.

  1. The first thing to do is determine the right location for the drainage channels. Check whether the ground slopes down to the spot where you want the channel, or if this is something you still have to change. If you have not paved your patio or driveway yet, this is typically done before installing the drainage channel.
  2. Next, start by digging a ditch. The width of the ditch should be equal to the width of a spade. Similarly, the depth of the ditch should be the same as the height of the blade of a spade. Use round, PVC drain pipes with a diameter of 110 mm underground. If you want to connect the drain to the sewage system or a similar system, check with the municipality first. If you want to join the drainage channel to your home, connect it with the downpipe. It is also possible to connect the drain to an underground water tank. 
  3. To create a complete drainage system, you will need some PVC pipes. Place these pipes in the ditch and cover them with sand layer by layer, tamping it down in between layers. This is important to prevent the pavers from sagging. 
  4. The right height for the drainage channels is 3 mm below the top of the paving. The depth depends on the height of the channel. Keep adding layers until you have reached the correct depth. You can now harden the surface by mixing the last layer of sand with concrete. This ensures that the drain will not sink into the ground.
  5. The drainage channels and outlets will have to be placed carefully, as you cannot adjust the position after the concrete dried. To use a bottom outlet, you will need to cut a hole in the bottom of the channel, so the water can simply flow into the PVC pipe and drain away. 
  6. Attach the end caps to the ends of the drainage channels, and possible side outlets in the desired spots along the side of the drain. Next, make sure the channel is flush against the stone. This could produce a small gap on the other side of the channel, but you can fill this up later. 
  7. You can install 6 to 7 meters of drainage channels in one place. If you want a longer channel, you will need an additional side or bottom outlet. Keep in mind that you can only place side outlets on one side of the drain. It is therefore recommended to first position all the drainage channels, accessories, and pipes to get an idea of how it is going to work, before actually installing the drainage system.
  8. When all the channels, pipes, and accessories are installed, it is time to fill up any remaining gaps with sand. Tamp the sand down well, especially along the sides, so the channel cannot fall over.

We recommend also adding the necessary accessories to your order, such as end caps and outlets, or a stench filter. 

Buying drainage channels

Prevent your patio or driveway from flooding with these drainage channels. Already made your choice? Order your preferred drainage channels now, including accessories. Check out the corresponding products on each product page if you are not sure yet which outlets or other accessories you should use. 

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