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Nylon Rope

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Nylon Rope

Nylon rope is very strong and can be used for various purposes. At Wovar you can order different types of rope in different thicknesses. Determine how much rope you need and order it easily per meter from us! The nylon ropes are very suitable for use with pulleys. Make sure to order the appropriate thickness of the rope, which will fit snugly into the groove of the pulley wheel. The specifications of the ropes can be found on the product pages. There you will find, among other things, the maximum carrying capacity of the rope.

The nylon ropes are 8-braided and very strong. In addition, these ropes always turn back into the old position. If, for example, an object that you lift with a pulley starts to rotate, then the rope simply turns back into its original position. Useful!

Are you still looking for pulleys or do you want to replace your old pulleys? Then, take a look at our range of pulleys. There you will find, among other things, all our lifting pulleys, awning pulleys, but also sliding door rollers for cabinet doors. Nylon rope can also be combined very well with our hooks and eyes or carabiners

Please Note! Our nylon rope is custom-made, especially for you. It is therefore not intended to be returned.

With the nylon ropes from Wovar, you are assured of high-quality rope! The 8-head braided ropes can be used for many jobs. Consider, for example, pulley constructions. Lifting and moving objects is no problem for nylon ropes. Just make sure the rope thickness is appropriate for the pulley you have or plan to purchase. Some ropes can withstand up to 210 kg of pulling force! In addition to being used for pulleys, the nylon ropes are of course also suitable for all kinds of other home-garden-and-kitchen chores.

Buying your Nylon Rope

Buy your nylon rope now per meter for a competitive price at Wovar! It is always handy to have this rope at home for all kinds of jobs. Do you have your own Handyman or construction company, or are you a landscape gardener? Then quickly create a business account and take advantage of many benefits.