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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Router Jigs

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe
The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe

Router Jigs

Are you looking for a router jig for your door hardware? Wovar offers a range of jigs for mortice locks, hinges, and strike plates. The jigs are sold separately as well as in sets. Our most popular sets are those for 89 x 89 mm and 76 x 76 mm hinges.

We always recommend getting router jigs when you plan on installing your new door hardware. With our helpful jigs, your hinges, locks, and strike plates can be mounted in no time. Moreover, in addition to saving time, the jigs also produce a beautiful, clean result. To top it all off, our router jigs are universal, and can be used for virtually all frames. 

Wovar's router jigs are easy to use, and every jig includes an instruction manual, so you will know exactly what to do. Our router jigs are made of strong plastic, so you will be able to use them for a long time.

Equipment for using our router jigs

Before you can start using our router jigs, you will need the following equipment: a plunge router, an 18 mm router bit, and a 24 mm guide bush. The guide bush protects the router jigs from damage. Attach the guide bush to the router to prevent the router bit from touching the router jigs. You can find all these products in our router jigs category.

In addition to this, you will need an Allen key 2.5 and 4 mm, writing and measuring tools, a power drill, and 4 x 30 mm screws. Also, make sure you use safety equipment, such as safety glasses and ear protection.

Hinge jigs

Our most popular router jigs are our jig sets for hinges. Wovar offers sets for 76 x 76 mm and 89 x 89 mm hinges. In addition to the sets, the jigs are also available separately. 

The compact, adjustable hinge jig sets allow you to install hinges for right hand and left hand doors. Our sets consist of 4 parts, meaning you can use them to route 4 hinges. Depending on the size of the hinges, you choose the right jig set. The guide for the jigs has a total length of 2 m and consists of two parts. With a length of 1 m when disassembled, the sets will easily fit in a car or van. We even offer carrier bags to store and transport the sets safely. Use an Allen key to adjust the height of the hinge jigs. Generally, there will be two hinges at the top of the door, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. The exact height differs for every door and is something you can easily determine yourself. 

After deciding where the hinges should go, you can position the jigs on the door or door frame. Next, you secure the hinge jigs with 4 x 30 mm screws. This is because the jigs will have to endure a lot of pressure from the plunge router. By securing the hinge jig, you prevent it from shooting off when you are routing. When you are done, take out the screws and remove the hinge jig set. You can now install the hinges.

Strike plate and lock jigs

When placing a new door, it could be that the mortise lock still needs to be routed. Wovar offers helpful lock jigs for this situation. Moreover, our lock jigs consist of separate front and side plate jigs, so the thickness of your door is not important. To top it off, the lock jigs will fit the most common mortise locks on the market. In addition to lock and hinge jigs, we also offer jigs for strike plates, so you have everything you need to install your new doors.