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Wire Tensioners

Wovar wire tensioners are available in various variants and dimensions. First up is the traditional wire tensioner. This one looks like some kind of coil; the wire is wrapped around this until it is taut. This model is often used for clotheslines or fencing wires, for example. Wovar has this wire tensioner available in black and green. The advantage of these coated models is that the paint coating forms a protection against corrosion. These wire tensioners will therefore not rust quickly. This also looks nice in most cases. The green variant, for example, blends in nicely with a natural landscape. 

In addition, you will find the well-known tension hooks, also called tension screws. With this, you can easily put different types of wire or, for example, chains under tension. 

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Tension Hooks

Tension hooks are provided with a hook on both sides, which you turn from the center towards each other and tighten. This way, you can tighten or hang something. This is available in various shapes and sizes. In both stainless steel and galvanized version. Furthermore, it is also available with a hook on one side and an eye on the other. This is very suitable for tensioning a shade sail, for example. You tension the material by turning the hook or eye, which is pulled closer together by the screw thread in the middle. 

Mounting a Wire Tensioner

Fastening wire tensioners is very easy. For the traditional variation, insert a piece of wire into the eye in the center. Tie a knot and tighten the screw in the center with pliers or a wrench. Continue to tighten the wire until it hangs taut as desired. This is even easier for the turnbuckles. You fix the material on both sides (in the hooks/eyes), after which you continue to rotate with the tension screw. Keep repeating this until the material hangs completely as desired. If you have trouble tightening the last piece, you can use pliers for this variant. A good helper is water pump pliers, which can easily be clamped around the turnbuckle. 

More Mounting Options

For even more attachment options for wires and chains, you can take a look at our page with all our hooks and eyes. See the range of hooks and screw eyes for this. Handy tools such as pliers and open-end wrenches, which come in handy when attaching wire tensioners and turnbuckles, can be found in our hand tools

You will usually receive your order with wire tensioners or tension hooks within 24 hours. Ordering on working days means in most cases, we will ship out your orders the very next day!