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Wire Tensioners

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Wire Tensioners

Wovar wire tensioners are available in various sizes and materials. The wire tensioners look like a kind of coil; the wire is wrapped around it until it is taut. This model is often used for clotheslines or fencing wires, and is available in black and green. The green variant blends in nicely with a natural landscape. The advantage of these coated models is that the paint coating forms a protection against corrosion. These wire tensioners will therefore not rust quickly.  

We also offer turnbuckles. With turnbuckles, you can easily tension different types of wire or, for example, chains.

Using wire tensioners

Wire tensioners can be used with all kinds of wire, depending on where you want to attach it. A tensioner is great for constructing a wire fence or barrier with barbed wire. It is also possible to use wire tensioners for a washing line with plastic coating. Install a screw eye or anchor bolt with eye in the wall, post, or tree you want to attach the wire tensioner to. You now have two options for connecting the wire tensioner to the screw eye.

  1. Use wire to make a loop through both the screw eye and the eye in the wire tensioner. Close off the loop with one or more wire rope clamps.
  2. Use a carabiner to link the screw eye and the wire tensioner together.

Next, push the wire through the large hole in the outside and then the small hole on the inside of the tensioner, and use a spanner to tension the wire. 

Buying wire tensioners

Order your wire tensioners today at Wovar. With a Wovar business account, you can enjoy even more advantages. Sign up for free to become a business client.

For even more attachment options for wires and chains, check out all our wire and tensioners, or take a look at our page with hooks and eyes.