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Looking for planters or plant pots for in your garden? Wovar offers planters made of corten steel and galvanised steel, available in different sizes. 

Corten steel planters

The brown, rust-coloured planters made of corten steel are immensely popular. Corten steel has many advantages. Over time, it develops a stunning rust-brown colour, fitting in beautifully with its natural surroundings and creating a modern look for your garden. The biggest advantage of corten steel is the lack of through corrosion, i.e. the rust will not break the planter. This makes it an incredibly durable material.

Black planters

In addition to corten steel planters, we also offer black planters. These plant pots are made of galvanised steel with a black powder coating. This protects the planters against corrosion, as well as creating a shine that combines well with the plants. 

Assembling the planters

Our black and corten steel planters are easy to assemble yourself. The required bolts and nuts are provided and allow you to secure the four sides to each other and the bottom of the planter. You can tighten them with the supplied spanner. Next, you can start filling your new planter with potting soil.

Planters and plant pots for outside

All of our planters are suitable for outside use. The black planters are made from galvanised steel that received a black coating. This coating protects it from corrosion. With the corten steel planters, the whole idea is that they rust. In fact, the rust-colour is one of the main reasons of corten steel's popularity. Don't worry, the planters are protected against trough corrosion, so the rust will not damage the planters. 

Ordering planters

These planters and plant pots can transform your garden or be the finishing touch. Order your new planters today for a competitive price. Do you need the planters for your business? With a free business account, you can enjoy even more advantages.

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