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Galvanized Farmer's Slide Bolt

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Why choose for Galvanized Farmer's Slide Bolt?

  • Very strong
  • Screws not included

Product attributes

Article number
Galvanized steel
Galvanized steel
Price unit
Per piece
Blue galvanized
Commonly used for
Gate fences
Commonly used for
Garden doors

Galvanized Farmer's Slide Bolt

This galvanized steel farmer gate latch set from Wovar is widely used for garden doors and gates in combination with our galvanized strap hinges. The farmer slide bolt is blue passivated and ensures a well-closing gate or garden door. The bolt is 160 mm long. The plate of this farmer gate latch is 120 x 85 mm and has 6 screw holes.

This galvanized farmer gate latch can be securely attached with our 4 x 30 mm galvanized garden screws. Pre-drilling in softwood is not necessary. For hardwood, we recommend using our Stainless Steel 410 garden screws, 4x30mm. You also need to pre-drill in hardwood. Use our hardwood drill bit 3 mm thick for this. The maximum door thickness for this farmer gate latch set is approximately 75 mm.

What do I Need to Install a Galvanized Farmer Slide Bolt?

  • Farmer gate latch galvanized
  • Drill with Torx 20 bit
  • Galvanized garden screws 4 x 30 mm
  • Hardwood drill bits 3.0 mm, 7.5 mm, and 13.0 mm thick.

Mounting a lever latch is a simple job that can be done by one person in a few minutes. Position the backplate about 2 cm from the edge of the gate, and mark where the screws and the handle need to go. Drill the hole for the handle, and pre-drill the holes for the screws, if necessary. Attach the backplate to the gate. Insert the drop bar on one side of the gate. After placing the rosette around the handle, insert the handle in the hole in the gate and the drop bar. Fix the rosette to the gate and place the pin in the hole at the back of the handle to secure it. Finally, install the catch on the post/wall/fence next to the gate.

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