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Wovar Lock Nuts

Lock nuts from Wovar have a high-quality nylon ring. This ring ensures that the lock nut cannot come loose. The lock nuts are supplied in sets of 10 or 50 pieces. Wovar supplies lock nuts made of galvanized steel and stainless steel A2 steel. The different sizes vary from M3 to M24.

The design of these lock nuts is DIN 985. The hexagonal shape gives you a lot of grip when tightening the lock nuts. Locknuts must be tightened with a ring spanner, open-end wrench, socket wrench, or spanner. The correct wrench size depends on the size of the lock nut. The overview below will help you choose the right wrench size.

Lock Nut M3 - Spanner 5.5             Lock Nut M12 - Spanner 19
Lock Nut M4 - Spanner 7                Lock Nut M14 - Spanner 22
Lock Nut M5 - Spanner 8                Lock Nut M16 - Spanner 24
Lock Nut M6 - Spanner 10              Lock Nut M20 - Spanner 30
Lock Nut M8 - Spanner 13              Lock Nut M24 - Spanner 36
Lock Nut M10 - Spanner 17

To order

Order lock nuts galvanized or stainless steel from Wovar in sets of 10 or 50 pieces. Don't forget to take advantage of our volume discount when ordering. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.