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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Grass Border Garden Edging

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Grass Border Garden Edging

With the Wovar grass borders you create beautiful partitions in your garden, like well-defined flower beds and easily make borders for plants or grass. The grass edges are supplied on rolls of 9 meters. This way you can mark off entire flower beds without gluing together pieces of grass. The edges are flexible and therefore easy to wring into all bends and corners. In addition to straight lines, you can also border winding or round flowerbeds.

A grass border is quick and easy to install. You simply dig a trench in the ground and place the grass border in it. Let the grass edge protrude above the ground, you can choose how much, but make sure that the grass edge is firmly in the ground.

In addition to grass borders, you can also contact Wovar for the very popular Corten steel garden edging. You can also choose between different colours of plastic garden edging.

Grass borders are a perfect way to create fences in your front or backyard. The sizes of the grass edges vary in width. We supply grass edges of 15, 20, and 25 cm wide. The edges are all 9 meters long, and can therefore accommodate large parts of your garden. With the different grass border edging widths you can determine how high the grass edge protrudes above the ground. The deeper you put the grass edge into the ground, the firmer it is.

Placing Grass Borders

Placing in a grass border is very easy after you dig a trench with a garden shovel. You can easily order such a shovel from our range of garden tools. Make sure the trench is approximately the same depth throughout and place the grass edge in the trench. Cut the grass edge to size in advance if necessary. Curves or corners are no problem for this flexible grass border which is quite easy to bend. You can even make circles around trees or around flowerbeds, for example.

The natural green color of the grass border ensures that the edging is not too noticeable. This way you can enjoy subtle and neat partitions. Are you looking for a different kind of garden edging? Then take a look at our complete range of garden edging.

Buying Grass Border Garden Edging

Buy your green grass edging now at an affordable price at Wovar! Gardeners, construction, and DIY companies receive extra benefits with a business account.

After placing a grass border, you also need water for the irrigation of your grass and garden. You can use one of our rain barrels for this. This is a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution for watering your lawn.