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Cabinet Hinges

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe

Cabinet Hinges

Are you looking for hinges for your bathroom and kitchen cabinets? Then you have come to the right place. Wovar offers a wide selection of hinges for cupboard doors. From overlay hinges with and without soft-close to cabinet hinges with 165º opening angle to easy-on hinges, you can find it all on our website.

Types of kitchen cabinet hinges

Concealed Overlay hinges - This is the most common type of kitchen cabinet hinge. The standard sizes of this hinge are 26 and 35 mm, though the 26 mm variant is rarely used nowadays. These hinges can open 110º. We distinguish between three kinds of overlay hinges: full overlay, half overlay, and inset hinges. The difference between these types lies in how much of the cupboard they cover.

Concealed Overlay hinges 165º opening angle - Concealed overlay hinges with 165º opening angle can open a lot wider than regular overlay hinges. Sometimes you just need a little more room when opening your cupboard doors. Think of, for example, corner cabinets or hard-to-reach cupboards.

Easy-on kitchen cabinet hinges - Easy on kitchen cabinet hinges are easy to install. As opposed to the overlay hinges, you do not have to drill any holes in your kitchen cupboard doors. These hinges have an opening angle of 90º.

Which overlay hinge do I need?

Full overlay hinge - You will need a full overlay hinge when your kitchen cupboard door fully covers the frame of the cupboard. 

Half overlay hinge - Opt for a half overlay hinge when the cupboard door partly covers the frame of the cupboard.

Inset hinge - Order inset hinges when the door is set completely between the side panels of the cupboard.

Mounting kitchen cabinet hinges

For mounting our cabinet hinges, you will need the following tools: a power drill, a Forstner drill bit 26 or 35 mm (similar to a hinge cutter), a hardwood drill bit 3.5 mm, a PH-2 screwdriver or bit, a pencil, and a drilling jig for hinges. Below you will find a guide to installing kitchen cabinet hinges.

  1. Place the jig with the flat side on your cupboard.
  2. Mark the positions of the screws in the corners.
  3. Drill 5 mm deep holes with the hardwood drill bit.
  4. Rotate the hinge jig, so it is horizontal, and place the little pins sticking out of the jig in the holes.
  5. Position the cupboard door straight and flush against the frame and jig. Mark the middle hole in the jig.
  6. Use the Forstner bit to drill the hole in the door by placing the centre point on the dot. Be careful not to drill all the way through the wood.
  7. Place the cup plate of the hinge in the hole and secure it to the cupboard door.
  8. Place the mounting plate of the hinge on the side board of the cupboard and secure it.
  9. Slide the hinge on the mounting plate and secure it.
  10. (Optional) Complete the hinge with a cover plate.

Repeat these steps for every overlay hinge.

Ordering cabinet hinges

Order your new cabinet hinges today. Are you a professional in the kitchen industry, a carpenter, or a furniture builder? With a business account, you enjoy even more advantages.

Are cabinet hinges not quite what you are looking for? Check out our cabinet hardware or browse our selection of furniture fixings to find what you need.