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Shakeproof Washers

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Shakeproof Washers

Shakeproof washers are indispensable when you are connecting a bolt and nut to a moving object. The shakeproof washers provide solidity and prevent the bolt and nut from loosening. The teeth ensure that, even when subjected to vibrations, everything stays tightened. We offer both stainless steel and galvanised steel in the sizes M6, M8, M10, and M12.

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Serrated washers

Shakeproof washers are also called serrated washers or serrated lock washers. This is because shakeproof washers are a type of lock washer equipped with teeth. These teeth ensure that the washer will not loosen due to vibrations. This is also a useful washer when you want to secure a nut to an uneven surface. The uneven surface gives the nut less to hold on to, resulting in a weaker connection. The shakeproof washer can solve this problem.

The one downside of serrated washers are exactly the teeth that give them these great qualities. The teeth cut into or scratch the surfaces they touch. If this is a problem, spring washers are a good alternative.

Ordering shakeproof washers

With these shakeproof washers, you can build extremely solid connections. Order your stainless steel or galvanised steel shakeproof washers today for an attractive price. Businesses in the construction or landscaping sector enjoy many benefits with a free business account.

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