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Hose Spray Guns

Water your garden in a targeted manner with the Wovar hose spray guns. Our range consists of spray guns and garden sprayers, some of which are adjustable. If you are looking for a versatile garden sprayer, choose our spray gun with a spray head. This is adjustable in various positions; from a fine mist to a hard jet. To use a sprinkler, you of course also need a garden hose with appropriate hose connectors, you can order these from Wovar for a fair price!

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Hose Spray Gun with Multi-Spray Head

If you prefer to water the garden and your plants by hand, go for a spray gun. Connect your garden hose to a spray gun and water all your plants and the entire garden completely manually. Additionally, we also sell spray guns with a spray head, this is a head that is adjustable in different positions. You adjust the nozzle by turning the nozzle head; provide your plants with a fine mist to a narrow jet.

Garden Sprayer

At Wovar you will also find garden sprayers in the range. A garden sprayer is useful for watering your plants and, for example, flower boxes. In addition, you can also use a garden sprayer to wash windows, and cars or to cool down on the hot summer days. Our garden sprayer is adjustable by turning the nozzle; give each plant the attention it needs. To connect your hand sprayer to a garden hose, you must use our hose connectors.

Buying your Spray Nozzles

Provide your garden and plants with water manually with the hand sprayers from Wovar! Are you looking for a sprinkler that automatically supplies your garden with water? Then look at our product category sprinklers for an oscillating sprinkler or an impulse sprinkler. 

Gardeners and Handyman companies receive a 15% discount on every order at Wovar with a business account, a handy overview of all orders, and the option of urgent deliveries. Are you an entrepreneur, but then create an account for free and without any obligation!