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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Hose Spray Guns

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Hose Spray Guns

Water your garden in a targeted manner with the Wovar hose spray guns. Our range consists of spray guns and nozzles, most of which have adjustable spray pattern. From a hard jet spray to a fine mist, our spray guns have up to 8 different spray settings.

Complete the set by also adding a hose pipe and hose connectors to your order.

Multi-spray gun

Connect your garden hose to a spray gun and water all your plants and the entire garden, or wash your car. Several of our water spray guns are multi-spray guns. These spray guns can produce various spray patterns. You can switch between the patterns by turning the head. 

Spray nozzle for hose pipes

Wovar also offers spray nozzles for hose pipes. These nozzles have the same function as spray guns, but have fewer features. They have an adjustable spray that is great for watering plants and washing cars alike. To connect the nozzles and spray guns to the hose, you have to use hose connectors.

Buy hose spray guns

Order your new spray guns and hose connectors today. Browse the category watering for all the tools you need to water your garden, such as hose pipes. Wovar's business clients enjoy many benefits. If you are a business owner, sign up for a free business account today to start saving time and money.

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