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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Shade Sails Triangle

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Shade Sails Triangle

With our triangular shade sails you can create a wonderfully cooling shade in no time. Shade sails with three corners provide a playful effect in your garden or above your terrace. The fabrics can be mounted horizontally or diagonally. Furthermore, you only need to attach the cloth at 3 points. Wovar offers triangle sunshades in various colours and sizes. This means that there is a suitable shade sail for every garden or sitting area. For example, the anthracite gray 400 cm and off-white 500 cm sails are very popular. Forget the heavy umbrellas you carry around all the time. With a sun screen you will experience an easy installation on your stone walls or wooden posts.

Are you looking for a different shape or type of shade sail? Then quickly view our full range of shade sails. Here you will find harmonica shade sails, waterproof shade sails, and square shade sails.

Shade sails with three corners are available in both triangle and long corner variants. Relative to a triangle, a long angle has unequal sides. For example, the sides of a long angle are 3.5 x 4 x 4.5 meters long. This difference in sides creates a unique effect. The triangular shapes provide a playful and modern addition to your garden in this way. You can enhance this effect by placing several shade sails next to each other, or by partially overlapping the sails. Attaching the sail is very simple and a one-off! The sail can stay in place for the entire season. And if you secure it with carabiners, for example, you will easily be able to remove it later.

Triangle Shade Sail

A shade sail with 3 corners has the advantage that you only need 3 attachment points. In addition, with a triangular shade sail, you usually have more options and space to hang the cloth. Rectangular shade sails are more limited in this respect, especially when the space for the cloth is on the tight side. Additionally, a triangular shade sail looks smaller, so it will not take as much away from the view, while still providing an excellent shade. With a shade sail of 5 meters, you can easily shade a spacious terrace. You can also provide flowerbeds, swimming pools, and ponds with a cooling shade. With shade sails with 3 corners, it is relatively common that 2 of these sails are overlapped with each other, so you can provide shade from both sides, while also adding something special to the look.

Water-Permeable or Waterproof

Shade sails with three corners are available from Wovar in a waterproof and water-permeable type. Both types have their own advantages. In the primary function of providing a protective shade, both types of sails do extremely well. In addition, both sails are easy to clean and can be mounted in the same way. The cloths are provided with attachment rings, with which you can connect the cloths to your attachment points. Do not forget to order the necessary mounting materials for this, you can find these on our shade sail hardware page. Here you will find carabiners, turnbuckles, and stainless steel chains. You can also choose an adjustable eye on rails there. This way you can still adjust the angle of the shade sail after installation.

Buying Triangle Shade Sails

Buy your triangle shade sails now at very low prices at Wovar. This will provide your garden with a luxurious shade sail this summer! Do not forget to order the mounting materials. Do you have your own contracting business or are you a landscape gardener? With a business account, you will then benefit from advantages.