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Shade Sails Rectangle

Rectangular shade sails provide ample shade in your garden or on your patio. You can, of course, also use the fabric for above ponds, cars, or children's playgrounds. The size is easy to adjust to your terrace and unlike a triangular shade sail, you will not miss a corner in your shade. Go for a tropical sand color, a modern anthracite gray color, or a radiant off-white color. At Wovar you will always find a shade sail that fits your style exactly. Additionally, the rectangular sails are also available in HDPE (polyethylene) and in a waterproof version. A cumbersome party tent or heavy parasol is no longer necessary! You can leave the sail hanging nicely in place all season long.

Are you looking for a different shape or type of shade sail? Then take a look at our complete range of shade sails. Here you will find harmonica shade sails and waterproof shade sails. Wovar also supplies triangle shade sails, and square shade sails.

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Would you like a large terrace with a pleasant shade? With a rectangular shade sail you can provide the full width of your terrace with shade. Just like the square version, rectangular shade sails are also ideal for installing above ponds, but shade sails are also very pleasant for swimming pools, flower beds, children's playgrounds, and animal houses. With a watertight variant, make sure that there is a sloping corner, also known as a slope. This allows the rainwater to run off the sail easily. In addition to the function of this corner, it also provides a modern look.

Rectangle Shade Sail

The rectangle shade sails from Wovar are available, just like the other shapes, in a waterproof and water-permeable versions. Both fabrics offer optimal protection against sunlight, so you can stay outside in the summer without any worries. The rectangular shape has the advantage that it provides a wide shade. Would you like to shade your terrace down to the last detail? Then the rectangular shade cloth is ideal! The colors vary from off-white to anthracite gray and from sand to taupe. The latter is a brown-gray color, which creates a cozy atmosphere in the shade.

Water-Permeable Shade Sail

We understand that it can be difficult to choose between water-permeable and waterproof shade sails. That is why we have listed the advantages;

  • With water-permeable, no water remains on the sail, so horizontal placement is possible.
  • Water-permeable also allows air to pass through, so the warm air does not get trapped under the sail.
  • Water-permeable can also withstand stronger gusts of wind because the wind can partly pass through the sail, and thereby avoid tearing.

A waterproof shade sail offers the same protection against the sun. The big advantage is that you can conveniently sit outside during a rain shower. So, have you just set your table, or are you barbecuing, and suddenly a rain shower comes on? You don't have to worry about that with a waterproof shade sail. In that case, this shade sail acts as a watertight roof. Both types of shade sails have unique advantages. It is therefore entirely up to you which type best suits your needs.

Buying Rectangle Shade Sails

At Wovar, the rectangular shade sails, both permeable and waterproof, are competitively priced! In combination with the different colors and sizes, there is a suitable shade cloth for every garden. You can combine several shade sails to create a unique and luxurious effect. At Wovar, in addition to our low prices, you will receive a volume discount when purchasing 5 pieces or more. Do you have your own Handyman business or are you a landscape gardener? With a business account, you can benefit from, among other things, a fixed business discount.

Are you still looking for materials to attach your shade sails to your walls, wooden posts, or a combination thereof? Look for various materials on our shade sail hardware page.