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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Work Gloves

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Work Gloves

Wovar offers a broad range of work gloves with a variety of applications, including building, painting, and gardening. Our gloves are made of high-quality material and offer both protection and comfort. Whether you are looking for leather gloves, gloves with nitrile coating, or with latex coating, Wovar provides you with the gloves you need.

Flexible work gloves with grip

Flexible work gloves with grip have been designed to provide the wearer with an excellent grip without compromising on dexterity. These gloves are flexible and fit snugly around your hand. The comfortable gloves get their great grip from a coating of latex or nitrile. These coatings increase the friction and prevent objects from sliding out of your hands. These flexible work gloves are great for jobs that require precision and dexterity, such as electrician. In addition to the impressive grip, the gloves also protect your hands against cuts and grazes. In short, you can work safely and efficiently with these gloves.

Leather gardening gloves

Wovar's leather gardening gloves are the perfect choice for people looking for comfort, durability, and protection. Made of high-quality leather, these gloves are strong, flexible, and keep your hands warm. They protect your hands against sharp edges and rough surfaces. Leather gardening gloves are available in different sizes. These gardening gloves are ideal for rough circumstances and perfectly suited to professional use.

Painting gloves

Painting gloves have been specially designed for painters. These gloves protect your hands from paint and other chemicals and ensure you do not leave fingerprints on your newly painted wall. The gloves are comfortable to wear and have a soft touch.

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