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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Nuts and Washers

Wovar supplies different types of nuts in different sizes. We always have hex nuts, lock nuts, wing nuts and connection nuts in stock. In addition to nuts, Wovar also supplies high-quality washers and mudwing repair washers, both galvanised and in stainless steel. The difference between washers and mudwing repair washers is that mudwing repair washers have a wider band than washers. The hole for an M8 washer, for example, is the same size as the hole in an M8 mudwing repair washer.

Order nuts in many shapes and sizes from Wovar, your wholesaler for fasteners. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.

Also view our stainless steel and galvanised lock bolts, these bolts are supplied with washer and nut as standard. View the carriage bolts page for more information and a lot of choice in thickness and lengths.