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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Floor Protection

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Floor Protection

Are you looking for a good floor protector? Wovar has various types and sizes of floor protection available on rolls. With these floor protector rolls, you can work on lots of jobs without worrying about damaged or soiled floors, such as painting or plastering.

Felt floor protectors

Felt floor protection is the soft version of our floor protector rolls. This cover ensures that your floor is well protected. The floor and carpet protector is made of soft dust particles. The soft covering felt ensures that light blows do not hit the floor directly. This will stop you from staining, scratching, or breaking your new tiles, laminate flooring, or other flooring. This floor protection has many advantages as a surface protector compared to the standard floor protectors. The cover is made of fabric, which absorbs liquid spills. Prefer a water-repellent version? This is also possible with the felt floor protector. In addition to absorbing liquids, enjoy the sound-proofing qualities of the felt floor protector as well. Your floor is safe, and you can get started whenever you want, until late in the evening.

Cardboard floor protectors

Cardboard floor protectors, also known as Ram Boards, are popular with handymen. Cardboard floor protection prevents you from damaging or soiling the floor while you work. It allows you to move about freely, even with a dripping paint brush. It protects the floor, among other things, from liquids and dirt. This also makes these floor protection rolls very suitable for painting sections in your home. Our floor protection is versatile, 100% recyclable, and unprinted, so you can (re)use it several times and put a heavy load on it. When you are finished with the floor protection, you can dispose of it, and it can later be completely recycled. Did you make a mess? No problem; you can easily scrape or wipe away the substance. Floor protection is intended for temporary use and is not a permanent solution.

Order floor protection

We deliver from our own (large) stock. Benefit from fast delivery and a low price. For an extra discount, check out our volume discount. You will enjoy extra low unit prices when purchasing larger batches. Do you have a business in the construction industry? Then our business account should be interesting for you. Various corporate clients already enjoy additional benefits, such as business discounts on our wide range of products.

Combine our floor protection with adhesives, sealants, and tape. For example, our duct tape is very suitable for connecting several pieces of floor protection.