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Shovels and Spades

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Shovels and Spades

Wovar offers shovels and spades in various shapes and sizes. The different tools have also been designed for different needs. Our shovels are scoop shovels, intended for moving soil or other materials, while our spades were made to dig. We provide shovels and spades for both the hobby gardener and the professional. All of our shovels and spades come with a wooden shaft. 

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Note: be careful with prying out mud or other materials using these shovels and spades, as the shaft could break. Use the shovel or spade for shovelling or spading, not prying.


Spades are made for digging, and moving and turning soil, also called spading. A spade is equipped with a straight blade, that can slide through the soil and plant roots. Moving and turning the soil, essentially turning it upside down, helps to keep your garden healthy. Weeds and other unwanted plants disappear, and it improves the structure of the soil, keeping it healthy. The blade of a spade is straighter and more rectangular than the blade of a shovel. The blade makes it the perfect tool for digging and spading.


Our shovels are scoop shovels. Basically, a scoop shovel is for above-ground use, meaning it is used for moving sand, soil, and other materials. Our shovels have a large and slightly curved blade, which is ideal for shovelling. In addition to moving around soil, you can also you a shovel for light digging. However, a spade is better for this job. 

Ordering spades and shovels

For shovels and spades, Wovar is the place to be. We offer high-quality spades and shovels with wooden shafts. Professional gardeners and landscapers enjoy many benefits with a free business account.

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