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Weed Membranes

Weed membranes stifle weed growth in your garden. The perfect solution for when you want, for instance, a gravel path in your garden without plants poking out between the stones. Weed membranes manage to keep plant growth down because they are UV-resistant, which means they block sunlight. The tough fabric and UV-resistance result in a minute chance of anything growing beneath the membrane. Using a weed membrane is the best way to protect your gravel bed, paving, or patio against weeds. Weed membranes are also known as, among others, landscape fabric, weed control fabric, garden membranes, and weed barriers. 

How to lay weed membrane

Securing a weed membrane is made easy with ground hooks. These pins are pointed, enabling you to simply push the ground hooks through the fabric into the ground, aided by a rubber hammer if necessary. When laying the garden membrane, make sure that when you overlap parts with each other if you are using separate pieces of fabric. We recommend overlapping the fabric by 15-20 cm.

In addition to protecting against weeds, a weed membrane also supports pavers. The fabric disperses the pressure of the tiles better, preventing individual pavers from sagging. It is hard to remove the weeds from under a deck. Laying a weed membrane underneath your deck will thwart the growth of any potential weed, so you will not have to worry about how to get rid of them.

The advantage of landscape fabric is that, despite the fact that it block sunlight, it is water permeable. As a result, the membrane will not fill with water. A weed membrane is therefore also extremely suitable for use between your plants. Create an opening in the fabric where the plants will be and prevent weeds from growing in the rest of your garden.

5 m or 100 m long

Wovar offers affordable, high-quality weed membrane that is 5 m long. You can choose from different sizes regarding the width: 105 cm, 125 cm, 165 cm, and 210 cm. In addition to ordering per 5 meter, you can also get an entire roll of weed membrane. This way, you get a roll of 100 m for an even better price.

Our weed membranes are high-quality, 105 gr/m2, and UV-resistant. Moreover, the fabric is made of 50% recycled plastic, so you receive a sustainable product of excellent quality. 

Buying weed membrane

Order weed membrane per meter or roll and keep those weeds at bay. Do you own a business? Business owners in the construction and landscaping sector enjoy many advantages with a free Wovar business account. Looking for a different kind of fabric? Check out our tarpaulins, available in green and white.

Giving your garden a complete makeover? Browse our garden edging to create a wonderful, winding path or set the borders for a garden bed. For a gravel path, combine the weed membrane with corten steel edging and gravel mats. We also offer many garden tools, including shovels and spades, gardening gloves, and knee pads

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