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Kneeling and Knee Pads

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Kneeling and Knee Pads

When working in the garden, as well as working in and around the house, kneeling and knee pads are ideal. Wovar's kneeling and knee pads can be used both inside and outside. They are insulating and waterproof, so you will not get cold or wet knees. 

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Garden kneeling pad

Use a kneeling pad in the garden when you are working with short tools, like a garden trowel, or planting seeds. Using a kneeling pad or knee pads allows you to spend more time on your knees without them becoming painful. This in turn means your work time is more productive, and you can finish your tasks more quickly.

Knee pads

Our knee pads are not just ideal for private use around the garden or inside the house, but are also suitable for professional use. Do you work in construction, as a road worker, or have another job that requires you to kneel a lot? Then our knee pads are what you need. They are comfortable, adjustable, and they fit perfectly.

Ordering kneeling and knee pads

Protect your knees and order a kneeling pad or knee pads today. In addition to protective gear, Wovar also offers lots of garden tools, such as shovels, garden trowels, and axes.