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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Shade Sails Square

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Shade Sails Square

With the square shade sails from Wovar, you can ensure a fully shaded spot on your terrace or in your garden. Four-corner shade sails provide greater shade than triangular shade sails. The size and design of the square sail ensures that you have sun protection in every corner. Wovar offers square shade sails in different colours and sizes so that a perfectly fitting shade cloth can be found for every garden or terrace. You will find square canvases of 360 x 360 cm, 400 x 400 cm, and 500 x 500 cm. We also offer both HDPE (polyethylene) and waterproof shade sails. The legs of umbrellas are no longer in the way, with shade sails on your walls or poles. The sail can hang on your stone walls or wooden posts all season long.

Are you looking for a different shape or type of shade sail? Take a quick look at our full range of shade sails. Here you will find harmonica shade sails and waterproof shade sails. You can also buy triangle shade sails and rectangle shade sails at Wovar.

Square shade sails are extremely popular. By not missing a corner, you provide a complete shadow, easily providing a complete terrace with shade. Square shade cloths are also very suitable for use on top of ponds, swimming pools, flower beds, children's playgrounds, and animal houses. Installation is simple and in no time! You no longer have to drag heavy umbrellas or put together complicated party tents. Leave the sail hanging all season long without any worries. With the different colours and sizes, there is a matching square shade cloth for every garden. The square sails are available in both waterproof and water-permeable types.

Shade Sail Ideas

With a square shade sail, you also need four attachment points. This can be done on stone walls as well as on wooden posts, but of course, also a combination of these. Every garden is different, so every garden has different options. For example, do you want to place the shade sail in a place where there is no stone wall? Then you can mount the sail on 4 wooden posts. In this case, the wooden posts ensure that you create a really cozy seating area. You can also adjust the position of the posts to the size of the shade sail. When installing a waterproof shade sail, make sure that it is sloped. This descending angle ensures that the rainwater can run off the sail. A luxurious addition to this is the sail with 1 or 2 adjustable rails, which can also be used to adjust the position of the canvas, even after mounting. This way the water can run off the sail during a rain shower.

A square shade sail can easily shade an entire terrace. You can also use the sail for children's playgrounds. Protect your children in this way from the scorching sun, which prevents burning of the skin. The shade sails block 90 to 95% of all harmful UV rays. So you can let the children play outside in the summer with peace of mind.

Shade Sail Colours

The square shade cloths are available in 4 different colours:

  • Off-white, for a modern light and summery look in your garden.
  • Sand, for a tropical touch in your garden, just like on the southern European coast.
  • Dark grey, a timelessly modern colour with a luxurious look, perfect for a modern garden.
  • Tan Colour, a grey-brown colour that creates a warm and cozy look.

With the different colours, you can find a suitable shade sail for every garden. Because the colours are relatively soft, they give a pleasant image in your garden.

Buying Square Sunshades

At Wovar, the square shade sails, both permeable and waterproof, are competitively priced! In combination with the different colours, there is a suitable square shade sail for every garden. If desired, you can combine several shade sails for a unique and luxurious effect. You can have the sails overlap or connect to each other. Do you have your own Handyman business, or are you a landscape gardener? With a business account, you will benefit from additional advantages.

Are you still looking for mounting material to attach the shade sail to your walls, wooden posts, or other places? Look for all the necessary materials in our range of shade sail hardware.