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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Pergola Corner Brackets 15 x 15 cmPergola BracketsAnchors and Brackets


Pergola Corner Brackets 15 x 15 cm

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Pergola Corner Brackets 15 x 15 cm

Do you have a large garden and do you want to build a pergola with 15 x 15 cm posts and beams? It is possible with Wovar's pergola corner brackets for 15 x 15 cm posts. With these corner brackets, installing a pergola with right-angled corners can be done in no time. We offer pergola corner brackets in several variants, as well as a post base and wall connectors. If you need brackets in another size, browse our entire range of pergola brackets.

The big advantage of these corner brackets is that you are guaranteed an angle of 90 degrees. This makes your garden job simple and quick to do. You could also connect beams and posts with our coach bolts or wafer head screws.

We have various types of corner brackets. Most of our brackets are for 1 post and 1, 2, or 3 beams. Added to that, you can opt for an open or closed bracket, all in a beautiful black. Complete your pergola with our beautiful harmonica shade sails to create shade on hot days and carabiners to hang decorations or plants in your pergola.

Our pergola corner brackets are also available in other sizes. We recommend our 7 x 7 cm brackets for light constructions, or go slightly bigger with our 9 x 9 cm brackets. For mid-size beams and posts, use our 12 x 12 cm brackets or build an XL pergola with our 20 x 20 cm brackets

In addition to pergola elements, Wovar also sells post holders.