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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Spring Washers

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Spring Washers

Spring washers, also called split ring washers, are perfect for making strong connections with a bolt and nut. The spring washers provide extra solidity and prevent the nut and bolt from loosening. We offer galvanised and stainless steel washers in the sizes M6, M8, M10, and M12.

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Advantages of spring washers

When you are working with bolts and nuts, it is smart to also use spring washers. Spring washers increase the friction between the bolt and nut, creating extra tension that prevents the nut from loosening due to vibrations. Spring washers are available in different materials and sizes.

Types of washers

Wovar offers washers in all shapes and sizes. You will find regular washers, penny washers, and lock washers, which in turn can be divided into the categories spring washers and shakeproof washers. Are you working with moving or vibrating constructions? Then consider shakeproof washers. These washers are serrated, giving them extra grip. When this moving or vibrating construction should not be scratched or scraped, spring washers are a better alternative because of their smooth exterior.

Ordering spring washers

Order your stainless steel or galvanised steel spring washers today for an attractive price. Our business clients receive a personal discount code and can access a detailed order history. Do you own a business in the construction or landscaping sector? Become a business client by signing up for a free business account.

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