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Wovar Post Holders and Piers

Wovar supplies metal post anchors in various shapes and sizes. For example, we have a large stock of galvanised post anchors for 7x7, 9x9, and 12x12 cm posts. A steel post anchor ensures that you can securely fix wooden posts into the ground and on hard surfaces. A big advantage of working with pointed post anchors is that you can perfectly level your surface. Iron post anchors with a flat post base allow posts to be firmly anchored to hard surfaces such as concrete foundations. Pointed post anchors are ideal for installation in the ground. For all posts and flat post anchors, orders within Europe are delivered in 2-5 business days. 

After the choice has been made for the correct post thickness, it is time to determine where the posts will be placed. Do you have a sandy surface? Then choose our post anchors with a point. You first dig a hole in which the pointed post anchors are placed. There are also situations where it is impossible to dig holes, for example, with stone, concrete, or wood surfaces. In that case, opt for our post bases. You can easily attach these with our strong coach screws.

Add screws and bolts to your order

In addition to studs, you can also mount beams in the post base using carriage bolts or construction lag screws. Just like our coach screws, these are available in various types, sizes, and colours.

The metal post holders ensure that the post remains just above the ground and the moisture that slides down through the post can drain away. This will prevent your posts from rotting. 

Buying your pointed or flat steel post holders

Order the high-quality galvanised steel post holders or stainless steel column bases from Wovar. Choose from pointed post anchors for in-ground or flat post bases made of galvanised steel for mounting on concrete. Take advantage of our fast shipping! Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account

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Are you going to build a roof? Or do you need to anchor wood to a stone wall for your fence? Then also take a look at our hammer fixings or frame fixings. We also supply iron screw piles for use in the ground, the alternative to concrete foundations. Build a garden house or veranda on your screw foundation

Our range of concrete piers may also be interesting as a solid foundation for a roof.