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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Black Planters

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Black Planters

Nowadays, you see the colour black more and more in gardens. This is because black creates a modern and elegant look. Added to that, these black planters will match perfectly with a black fence or pergola. These durable, black coated planters are made of galvanised steel and can hold all sorts of plants and flowers.

Assembling a black planter

To assemble the black planter, you only need the supplied bolts, nuts, and spanner.

  1. The planter is made up of 5 different pieces. Find the bottom, the other 4 pieces are the sides. The side panels have 1 side that is the top, recognisable by the square part.
  2. Secure one side panel to the bottom with two bolts and nuts, using the spanner. Double check that you have got the right side up.
  3. Secure the remaining three side panels as described in step 2. Do not forget to secure the side panels to each other.

You can now place the planter in the desired spot in the garden. Make sure that the ground is even and solid, so the planter is stable and will not sink into the ground. 

Ordering a black planter

Are these black planters just what you need? Order your new planters today for a competitive price. Do you own a landscaping company? Business clients enjoy many benefits with a free business account.

Is this not quite what you are looking for? Maybe our corten steel planters are more your style.