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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Screw Hooks

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Screw Hooks

Are you looking for screw hooks for strap hinges with a 19 mm eye? Search no further. Your online hardware store Wovar supplies screw hooks 16 mm for strap hinges with a 19 mm eye. Need another size? Take a look at all the options we provide. The screw hooks for gates are available in galvanised steel and in black. A screw hook is useful because you can determine the distance between the hinge and the frame yourself. This is not possible with fixed plate hinge hooks. These are only available in standard distances of 19 or 30 mm. The Wovar screw hooks are not only suitable for wooden frames, but can also be anchored in stone in combination with a nylon plug.

Prefer not to use screw hooks? Check out our wide range of fixed hinge hooks.

The screw hooks from Wovar are supplied in galvanised steel and black powder-coated steel. As long as you do not damage the zinc coating of the galvanised screw hooks, they will remain resistant to rust. The black screw hooks are extra protected by the powder coating.

Galvanised 16 mm screw hooks

The galvanised screw hook is available in 3 lengths: 95 mm, 115 mm, and 145 mm. The thickness of the pin of the screw hook is the same. You need to pre-drill the screw hook with a 6 mm hardwood drill bit. This ensures that you insert the screw correctly, straight into the frame.

Black 16 mm screw hooks

Like the galvanised screw hooks, black screw hooks are available in lengths: 95 mm, 115 mm, and 145 mm. The only difference between a black screw hook and galvanised screw hook is the powder coating with the black, top layer. Black screw hooks are, in fact, made of galvanised steel. A black screw hook has undergone an intensive powder coating. This coating is not only very wear-resistant, but also protects your screw hook against rust. The black layer provides a beautiful shine and sleek appearance. This ensures that our black screw hooks match our black hinges perfectly.

Can I also mount these hooks to a brick ball?

This is absolutely possible. In this case, you combine the screw hooks with a nylon wall plug. We recommend choosing the 14x70 mm plugs for our screw hooks. First, drill a hole in your stone wall at the desired location with an SDS-plus hammer drill, 14x160 mm. The depth depends on the desired position of your screw hook. Decide how far into the wall you want the screw hook, and add 5 mm to that length. Next, drill the hole to the required depth, fill it with a plug, and finally, insert the screw hook.

Order black or galvanised screw hooks today!

Would you like to order screw hooks from premium brand Wovar? Order screw hooks for strap hinges at the lowest prices. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from extra benefits with a business account, such as an extra discount.

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