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Wovar Screws of all shapes and sizes at Wovar!


Are you looking for screws? Then look no further! Wovar is the specialist when it comes to all fasteners, like stainless steel screws, nuts and bolts. You have also come to the right place for extra strong galvanized screws. Do you need a specific color? Then we have various options available for you. Do you want black screws, white screws, or would you prefer colored Trespa or roof tile screws? You can contact us for both high-quality fasteners and affordable screws. When you start working with hardwood, you will have to deal with tannic acids. We have specially coated screws in our range for this. You can choose between gray-coated screws and bronze yellow-coated screws. Wovar's long screws, such as our wood construction screws, are a godsend for large wood construction projects. Small screws, such as some variants of our chipboard screws, can be concealed in furniture or other smaller panels.

At Wovar it doesn't matter which screws you are looking for. Our complete range of screws contains an ever-increasing number of screws. Because choosing the right screw can sometimes be difficult, we can offer you as much information as possible about our screws.

You can also find us for all accessories for screws, like drills for pre-drilling, when driving in screws. Countersink bits for countersinking the screw heads into the boards are also recommended for beautiful decking. To drive the screws into the wood, you will need a screwdriver bit of the correct type. Wovar has various bit sets in its range for this. These bits come with an included magnetic bit holder. This way you can easily tighten your screws.

As a company in the construction, Handyman, or gardening industry, you can enjoy many benefits with a business account at Wovar. You will receive a fixed business discount and a fixed contact person.

Garden Screws

Are you looking for screws that are suitable for most jobs in and around the house? With our garden screws, you have perfect screws for cladding or screws for garden fences in your home. You can choose from a wide range of screw sizes. From small screws to large screws; a screw from 3 mm to 6 mm thick. The lengths vary from 16 mm to more than 15 centimeters long. For heavy construction projects, it is recommended to use galvanized screws. For humid environments, choose stainless steel garden screws. These are made of Stainless Steel 410, which not only protects against rust but also high chlorine and salt contents. Are you going to build a fence of hardwood planks? Then it is wise to opt for coated screws. These are provided with a thick coating that protects against the tannic acids in hardwood. This way you can enjoy your fence for an extra long time. Go directly to: Stainless Steel Garden Screws, Galvanized Garden Screws, and Black or White Coated Garden Screws.

Chipboard Screws

Wovar is also the place to be for affordable, high-quality chipboard screws. These premium brand screws are supplied in various sizes. Choose from strong galvanized Torx chipboard screws or Pozi drive (cross head) galvanized chipboard screws. The chipboard screw is also known as the universal screw. This is due to the wide versatility of the screws. The screws are very popular for paneling and scaffolding planks. If you are going to use the screws in humid environments, choose our stainless steel version. Stainless Steel Chipboard Screws are resistant to rust, so you can enjoy your construction for longer. Do you live on the coast? Then you need to choose Stainless Steel 410 Screws, which are extra resistant to high chlorine and salt content in the air. Would you like a perfectly sleek look when working with black building materials? Then we have beautifully matching black chipboard screws for you. Do you work with drywall? Then take a look at our Drywall Screws, also known as plaster screws.

Deck Screws

Are you going to build a deck? Then it is important to use the correct screw. Wovar offers many different deck screws, so that you can enjoy your decking for an extra long time. It is important to use the correct screw so the deck boards remain tight on the beams. This prevents creaking decking boards, or boards that soon become loose. Decking screws are therefore always partially threaded. The top part of screw is free of threads so that the plank pulls tight against the beam. At the end of the thread are shaft ribs, a kind of coarse thread. This ensures that the tension can be better distributed over the decking screw. Deck Screws therefore considerably extend the life of your decking. With hardwood decking you will have to deal with tannic acids. In that case, it is wise to choose our coated deck screws. This prevents not only the snapping of screws, but also avoids black spots appearing on the wood.

Construction Lag Screws

Most normal screws are not suitable for heavy construction work. We have included special screws in our collection for this. Construction Lag Screws are also known as Washer Head Screws. This is due to the extra wide screw head on these wood construction screws. You can find short disc head screws, but also ones with extra long lengths. For example, our longest construction lag screw is 40 centimeters long! The large screw head ensures that the screws have an enormous clamping range. The wood construction screw keeps your thick beams or planks tight against each other. Wovar has a huge assortment of construction lag screws. For strong galvanized screws, choose our zinc plated construction lag screw or yellow zinc plated construction lag screws. For the strongest screws for Hardwoods, choose our coated construction lag screws. Prefer a black screw? Then our Black Construction Lag Screws are what you need. These look great with black beams and boards. For a stainless alternative, choose Stainless Steel Construction Lag Screws.

Roofing Screws

Nothing is more pleasant than a solid roof over your head. It does not matter whether this concerns a canopy, shed, or house. The roof just needs to be solid. That is why you use high-quality roof screws. You can choose from, roofing panel screws, sheet piling screws, corrugated iron sheet screws, corrugated iron sheet bolts, trespa screws, and roof panel cladding screws, among others. Which screw best suits your roof depends on the type of panel you are using. Wovar roof screws are almost all equipped with an EPDM ring, so you can enjoy a watertight roof. Making a corrugated iron roof waterproof starts with good screws.

Self Tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws are very convenient when working with metal, for example. Metal on wood from roof trims, for example, are very often fastened with self-tapping screws. Self-tapping screws ensure that the screw itself makes the thread in the material to be fastened. Due to the fine thread, it easily pulls through all kinds of different surfaces. In some cases, the self-tapping screws are also equipped with a self-drilling point. In that case pre-drilling is not necessary. The point is then designed in such a way that it drills itself through various materials. A popular term that often comes up with these screws is the parking screw. In addition to roof trim, this self-tapping screw is also widely used for hard plastics and plastic. Do you opt for the strongest attachment for heavy weights? Then you go for galvanized self-tapping. For very humid environments, choose stainless steel self-tapping screws. If you're working with black materials, you may find black self-tapping screws a better alternative.

Prefer no screws? Then you are at the right place at Wovar. Take a look at our wide range of bolts, where you will find carriage bolts, for example.