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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Adjustable Pedestals

Adjustable Pedestals

Are you looking for height-adjustable pedestals? Wovar has a wide range when it comes to deck supports and tile supports. Deck supports are used to mount the substructure of your decking. Our deck supports fit perfectly on 40 x 60 and 45 x 70 mm wooden beams. We supply our adjustable deck supports from 2.5 to 14 cm tall. 

In addition to decking pedestals for wooden beams, we also supply paving supports. With Wovar's paving supports, you can easily pave your patio with, for example, 50 x 50 cm concrete pavers. Paving supports from Wovar are made of high-quality plastic, which allow you to make the surface completely level.

Another option is to use rubber tile supports. These 10 x 10 cm rubber squares are put underneath the beams of a deck, creating the illusion of a deck that floats 1 cm above the ground. This protects the beams against moisture and extends the lifespan of the deck. 

If you are going to build a deck, do not forget to add deck screws to your order. 

Our adjustable deck supports for wooden beams can be easily turned up and down by hand. In this way, you can compensate for any height differences in your foundation or substructure. Choose from various sizes and discover our fast delivery.

Tip: You deck will last longer when you go for premium quality and put your wooden deck together with our coach bolts, coach screws, or wafer head screws, for example. When building a deck, also order our weed membranes to prevent the growth of weeds and, of course, our deck screws.

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Wovar is your online store for affordable deck supports made of high-quality plastic. Order your Wovar deck supports today at a competitive price. Businesses can create a business account with Wovar. Business clients, such as construction and carpentry companies, are eligible for additional benefits.