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Beam Brackets

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe

Beam Brackets

Hardware wholesaler Wovar supplies a large stock of metal beam brackets with flange and beam brackets without flange. These strong beam brackets are also called heavy beam support brackets. Most sold are our iron beam brackets for 38x89, 45x90, 50x100, 50x150, 70x200 and 63x175 mm wooden beams. At Wovar, we also strive to ensure that your order is delivered as quickly as possible. Additionally, we've got a thorough assortment to choose from. Choose from beam brackets with flange, beam brackets without flange, extra heavy models, and beam brackets in black.

In addition to our beam brackets, also see our joist hangers with CE Quality Seal or our black beam brackets. In addition, Wovar also supplies invisible beam brackets for a hidden connection. 

The beam brackets are made of galvanised steel. This makes the beam supports very strong. The many screw holes ensure that you mount the beam brackets securely. This makes them suitable for heavy-duty structures. Wovar beam brackets do not have a CE mark and have therefore not been tested for their load-bearing capacity. Do you want to use beam supports that have been tested? Then choose our joist hangers. The advantage of these joist hangers compared to our beam supports is that beam brackets are much narrower. This makes it possible to place a beam right next to a standing wall.

Beam Brackets with Flange

The long flange of the beam brackets with flange makes it possible to brick in the beam supports when erecting walls. Then the beam support is fixed in the full stone with the aid of a plug. It is not possible to brick in the beam supports with timber frame construction. In that case, fix the beam supports at the top using our galvanised chipboard screws .

Beam Brackets without Flange

A beam support without flange is easy to mount on standing walls. It does not matter whether it is a (red) brick wall or a tile wall. The beam brackets without flange make it possible to place beams between walls and trusses. Just like the beam brackets with flange, attach the beam brackets without flange with our galvanised screws. Beam brackets without flange are often compared to our joist hangers. The advantage of the beam brackets without flange is that they are much narrower. With the beam supports, it is possible to mount a beam tightly next to a wall. Joist hangers are too wide for this.

Buying your galvanised beam brackets online

Buy rock-solid iron beam brackets with flange or without from premium brand Wovar in different sizes. Discover the convenience of the metal brackets for wood beams when building your canopy. Do you regularly buy beam brackets or other hardware? Companies in the construction and Handyman sector with a business account receive extra benefits.

Are you building a roof? Also, check out our handy construction lag screws.

Wovar also supplies high-quality corner brackets, mending plates, and swing brackets. If you are going to build a flat roof, we also recommend taking a look at our EPDM rubber sheet.

In addition to these beam brackets, Wovar also supplies shelf brackets, roof trims, and post holders.