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Postsaver™ Post Protector Sleeves

Do you want to place wooden posts directly into the ground? Then use our Postsaver post protector sleeves. When you put a wooden post in the ground, it will rot over time. You can use the Postsaver post protectors from Wovar to protect wooden posts from rot, fungus, bacteria, moisture, and other factors that may cause a post to rot. The post protectors have an anti-rotting effect and double the life of a wooden post. The Postsavers are made for impregnated wood such as Douglas fir, pine, and spruce.

The Postsaver consists of two layers: an outer layer of heavy polyethylene, and an inner layer of fusible bitumen, which adheres firmly to the post. The Postsaver is 35 cm long and available for different sizes of posts. You apply them with a gas burner so that the inner layer melts and strongly adheres around the post. This way you double the life of the pole. The post protectors even offer a minimum of 20 years warranty on a sturdy wooden post in the ground.

The Postsaver post protector sleeves are available in different shapes and sizes, for both square and round posts. Popular sizes are those for 90 or 100mm round posts and 75 x 75mm and 90 x 90mm square posts. Looking for a size you can't find with us? Let us know and we'll get to work for you!

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Even when using excellent quality wood, the wood may start to rot over time when the posts are placed directly into the ground. The Postsaver covers for impregnated wooden posts prevent wood rot and double the life of your wooden posts. They offer resistance to moisture, wood rot, fungi, minerals and bacteria that are in the soil.

Benefits of a Postsaver Post Protector Sleeve

Placing a wooden post directly in the ground is often easier than if you have to use another anchor. Often there is no room or place for a post holder, and pouring concrete, so the post itself is placed in the ground. This is possible with a Postsaver post protector sleeve. The advantages of a Postsaver at a glance:

  • Prevents post rot
  • Doubles the life of impregnated wood posts
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Available in many sizes
  • Easy to install, easier than paint!

Which burner do I need?

You can use different burners to burn our post protector sleeves. Do you only need to install a few post guards? Then, a simple roof burner, which you can easily light up with a lighter or match, is suitable. A paint burner, or hot air gun, would also be suitable.

For larger numbers or frequent users, we recommend using a professional roof burner with an electric ignition and a higher heat output. These ensure that the Postsaver shrinks quickly around the post.

How do I install a Postsaver post protector?

Before placing the post protector on the post, the wood must be completely dry. This prevents internal rotting of the post. Is the pole still damp? Then let it dry first or dry it yourself by pointing the gas burner at a distance at the pole. To secure the post saver, follow the steps below:

  • Determine the position of the post and the insertion depth;
  • Draw a line on the post at ground level, add 5 cm to this, and place another line;
  • Place the top of the post guard on the top line, so that the post guard always protrudes 5cm above the ground when the post is in place;
  • Hold the gas burner about 30 to 40 cm from the pole and burn the Postsaver on the pole;
  • Continues to burn until the Postsaver adheres well to the post, which will take between 6 and 30 seconds;
  • With round posts, make sure that you also burn 5 cm above and below the post, so that the post protector adheres well. Slowly turn the pole while burning;
  • For square posts, burn the Postsaver in place side by side. Use a wet paint roller after each side to roll the post protector thoroughly;
  • Let cool for 5 minutes, and the post is ready to set in the ground.

Order Post Protectors Online

Order Postsaver post protector sleeves for a competitive price at Wovar. Available in different sizes, for both round and square posts. Take advantage of attractive discounts when purchasing larger quantities.

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