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Postsaver Post Protector Sleeves

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Postsaver Post Protector Sleeves

Do you want to anchor wooden posts without using post holders? With our postsaver protector sleeves, you can place wooden posts directly into the ground. Normally, when you do this, the wood will start to rot after a certain amount of time. The protector sleeve acts as a barrier against rot, fungi, bacteria, moisture, and other causes of wood rot. The postsaver sleeves can double the lifespan of a wooden post due to their anti-wood rot function. The protector sleeves are made for impregnated wood, such as douglas and pine wood.

The postsaver consists of two layers: an exterior layer of heavy polyethylene and an interior layer of meltable bitumen. The interior layer will strongly adhere to the post when you melt it with a blow torch. The postsaver is 35 cm long and available in various sizes for both round and square posts. Postsaver sleeves guarantee a sturdy wooden post for at least 20 years.

Popular protector sleeves are those for ø90 and 100 mm round posts, as well as 75 x 75 and 90 x 90 mm square posts. Is the size you want not available? We also offer postsaver on a roll of 5 m, which allows you to cut the exact size you need.

Even when using wood of excellent quality, the wood may start to rot over time when the posts are placed directly into the ground. The postsaver sleeves for impregnated wooden posts prevent wood rot and double the lifespan of your wooden posts. They form a barrier against the moisture, wood rot, fungi, minerals, and bacteria present in the soil.

Benefits of a postsaver post protector sleeve

Placing a wooden post directly in the ground is sometimes easier than using a post holder. This might be because there is no room for a post holder or pouring concrete, so the post itself is placed in the ground. This is perfectly possible with a postsaver post protector sleeve. The advantages of a postsaver at a glance:

  • Prevents wood rot
  • Doubles the lifespan of the post
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Easy to install, easier than paint

What kind of torch do I need?

There are different torches suitable for melting the bitumen layer of the protector sleeves. When you only have to place a few posts, a simple roofing torch, ignited with a lighter or match, is perfectly suited to the job. Another option for a small job would be a hot air gun.

If you have to place large quantities or frequently use our postsaver sleeves, for example in your job, we recommend using a professional roofing torch with electric ignition and a high heat output. These ensure the job will get done quickly.

How do I fix a postsaver post protector to the post?

Before placing the post protector on the post, the wood must be completely dry. This prevents internal rotting of the post. Is the pole still damp? Then let it dry first. To fasten the post saver, follow the steps below:

  • Determine the position of the post and the insertion depth;
  • Draw a line on the post at ground level, add 5 cm to this, and draw another line;
  • Place the top of the post guard on the second line, so 5 cm of the sleeve will still be visible when the post is in the ground;
  • Hold the torch 30 to 40 cm from the post and melt the postsaver to the pole;
  • Continue doing this until the postsaver adheres well to the post. This will take between 6 and 30 seconds;
  • If the post is round, make sure to include 5 cm above and below the post protector, so that the whole sleeve will be stuck to the post. Slowly turn the post while burning;
  • If it is a square post, go side by side. Start by torching one side, after which you use a wet paint roller to firmly connect the post protector to the post. Repeat this for all four sides;
  • Let cool for 5 minutes and the post is ready to set in the ground.

Buy postsaver post protector sleeves

Order postsaver post protector sleeves at competitive prices. Available in different sizes, for both round and square posts. 

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