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Wall Shelving Units

Wovar's wall shelving units, also called F-systems and wall rail systems, make it possible to easily create a custom wall unit with different shelf brackets. You can easily hook these loose brackets into the rails that you attach to the wall. This allows you to create a beautiful wall rail system in no time.

Wall rails are available from Wovar in two different colours; you will find components for black and white wall shelving units. Due to the different lengths and widths, it is possible to completely customise the shelving system according to your wishes. With a combination of single and double rails, you can easily extend the shelving unit over your entire wall. For a wall shelving unit, you need rails, several F-brackets (shelf brackets for wall rail systems), and shelves. The F-systems form sturdy shelf supports for all your belongings, or products if you are using it for commercial purposes.

Storage space

Do you want more storage space for various items in your house or garage? Or do you want to dress up a room by placing accessories on a shelf on the wall? This is all possible with a wall shelving unit. The advantage of wall rail systems compared to shelf brackets is that the shelving unit can be adjusted at any time. You can add extra shelves, remove a shelf, or adjust the height of a shelf. This flexibility is a unique feature that you only get with a wall rail system. Perfect for when you need flexibility in your storage space, wardrobe, or shop.

Tool walls

We offer tool walls that you can use with the wall rail systems. You will also find all kinds of accessories such as wrench holders, drill holders, racks, and screw holders that you can choose yourself to decorate the wall. The tool walls are easy to mount on the wall shelving unit using the hooks on the back. The accessories are also easy to attach to the tool walls themselves.

Order a wall shelving unit

Are you convinced of the power and simplicity of our wall rail systems? Then put together your own wall shelving unit. Select various F-brackets and wall rails for this. Combine the wall rails with our garden screws or chipboard screws for a firm attachment.

Is this not quite what you want? Take a look at our wide range of shelf brackets. Here you will find shelf brackets in all sorts of shapes, colours, and sizes. Want a more unique look? Check out our leather shelf brackets or floating shelf brackets. Our black shelf brackets look great with a modern interior.

For business use of these wall shelving units, register your business account. Wovar's business clients enjoy many benefits. For example, you receive a personal discount code and get access to a detailed order history.