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Floating Shelf Brackets

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Floating Shelf Brackets

Do you want to install shelf brackets invisibly? With the handy invisible shelf brackets from Wovar, this is arranged in no time. The floating shelf brackets ensure a strong attachment of your shelf to the wall, so that the shelf brackets are no longer visible after mounting. This ensures a beautiful appearance, because the shelves are mounted unseen, they are therefore also called blind shelf support.

Wovar supplies two different types of floating shelf brackets: a floating shelf bracket which consists of a pin with wall plate, and an floating shelf bracket with screw thread. Both brackets of course have the same function, only there is a small difference in mounting. The galvanised shelf brackets can bear up to 85 kg! Note: load capacity always depends on the quality of the wall and the method of installation.

Floating shelf brackets are very popular when used in, for example, shops or living rooms, because a visible shelf support sometimes contrasts too much with the interior. In addition to floating shelf brackets, Wovar also sells leather shelf brackets and industrial shelf brackets, which can match your interior very nicely. With blind shelf brackets and other shelf supports you can easily store things. Floating shelf brackets also make a nice addition to your wall. Because the floating shelf plank does not have a visible support, your shelf gets a sleek look on the wall. Do you have a modern interior with dark tones? Then our black shelf bracket is the perfect choice for your shelf!

Wovar has different types of floating shelf brackets, with screw thread and with a wall plate. The only difference is in the mounting method and the carrying capacity. Both variants are still slightly adjustable while they are already on the wall. In this way you can ensure that the shelf falls exactly over the brackets. With the blind shelf supports, also called invisible shelf supports, you can mount your shelves tightly and firmly against the wall.

Carrying Capacity of Floating Shelf Brackets

A frequently asked question is: how much can floating shelf brackets carry? That is why we indicate the load capacity for each invisible shelf bracket, so you will find this information in the products themselves. You will see that the maximum number of kilograms varies between 10 and 85 kilograms. Please note these are estimates and not guarantees. The load-bearing capacity of a blind shelf support naturally depends on many factors, such as the quality of the wall, how many shelf brackets you use and how you mount those brackets.

Invisible Threaded Shelf Bracket

The Invisible Threaded Shelf Bracket is very easy to assemble as no screws are required. The bracket itself is already provided with screw thread. Because the shelf bracket thread is completely galvanised, it is very strong and therefore has a relatively high load-bearing capacity. We have listed a few advantages of this blind shelf support for you:

  • Total Invisible Assembly
  • Adjustable
  • No screws needed
  • Very strong
  • Easy and quick to install in the wall
  • Available in 2 models

Mounting a Floating Shelf Bracket

To install the threaded floating shelf brackets, all you need to do is drill a hole in your wall using an 8mm drill bit. For hardwood, use a 5 mm drill, so that the screw thread can settle well in the wood. Do not forget to use a plug with stone and concrete. Use a spirit level to ensure that the shelf brackets are mounted straight and mark the drill holes with a carpenter's pencil. Good preparation gives the best result with an invisible shelf brackets. By working precisely you get a beautiful floating shelf with brackets that are invisible.

The invisible shelf brackets with wall plate are mounted slightly differently, namely, with the help of screws. The handy thing is that all screws and plugs are included in the set. In this case, drill holes in the wall to mount the wall plate. You can then clamp the bracket to the wall plate and secure it with screws. On the product pages you can find a more extensive explanation and a drawing of the assembly. You can also calculate the load-bearing capacity of the shelf supports there yourself, because this depends on the shelf depth of the shelf you are using.

Ordering Floating Shelf Brackets

Order your invisible threaded shelf brackets or wall plate, and now mount your shelves without the brackets or the supports being visible. Do you have a construction or Handyman company, or are you a landscape artist? With a business account you benefit from many advantages.

Are you looking for a different kind of shelf bracket? No problem! At Wovar you can also choose from many different visible shelf brackets. You can contact us for black metal shelf brackets, aluminium shelf brackets , and white shelf brackets. We also sell very stylish industrial shelf brackets and even leather shelf brackets