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Wovar Beam supports and corner brackets

Here at Wovar, you can buy cheap beam supports and beam supports made of galvanized steel for 1001 beam sizes. A frequently used way to attach wooden beams to walls is to use a metal beam support. In this category of beam supports you will find both steel beam supports with flange and measuring beam supports. With each beam support we indicate for which head size wood they are suitable. Discover Wovar, the premium brand with attractive prices for galvanized beam supports for use in timber construction. Choose from our sturdy beam supports, beam supports, beam supports or even concealed beam supports. The beam supports are made of galvanized steel and are therefore very strong. Ordering within Europe? Your order will be delivered at your doorstep in no more than 2-5 business days!

The joist hangers, beam supports and U-shape beam supports are easily mounted with the special chipboard screws from Wovar, usually in the size 4x40 or 4x50 mm. Each beam support is provided with screw holes that allow mounting in almost any situation. So you are looking for beam supports for low prices with fast delivery? We deliver top-quality beam supports made of high-quality galvanized steel within Europe in no more than 2-5 business days!

Corner brackets and corner anchors

In addition to beam supports, you can also buy L-shaped corner pieces and pergola brackets at Wovar. Choose from heavy corner anchors for construction to simply assemble corners for mounting garden screens.

Steel U-shape beam supports

In addition to heavy beam supports and joist hangers, Wovar also U-shape beam supports. These are suitable for lighter constructions. The dimensions of these galvanized U-shape beam supports correspond to narrow beams that are used, for example, to make a storage attic that is not overloaded. Consider the sizes 38x63 and 45x70 mm beams.

Buy metal beam supports

Wovar also supplies steel beam supports with a long flange or without a flange. By the way, the metal beam support is also called beam support or beam anchor, did you know that? The iron beam supports from Wovar have the advantage that no beams have to be placed on the wall when erecting the wall. Only the beam support is built into the joint and fixed in the full brick with a plug.

The beam support is also widely used in timber frame construction. The flange cannot then be bricked in, but can be fixed at the top with screw nails or chipboard screws. Wovar supplies beam anchors in many sizes. Steel beam supports without flange are also possible. Wovar has indicated for each beam support for which beam size the beam support is suitable.

Joist hangers

A toist hanger is often used to connect wooden beams together. Notching is necessary if a joist has to be interrupted. For example, with a stairwell in a first floor. Wovar supplies heavy duty joist hangers. This ensures that the joist hangers can be secured in many ways. This can be done with our chipboard screws torx or wood thread bolts. Expansion anchors or screw nails are also used for the securing of joist hangers.

The dimensions of joist hangers correspond to commercial dimensions of wooden beams. The heavy type of beam support is, like our beam support, suitable for securing purlins. Due to the many mounting holes, it is possible to attach our joist hangers in almost any situation.

beam supports Black

The black beam supports from Wovar have a black powder coating. This powder coating penetrates deep into the galvanized steel and provides excellent protection against rust, oxidation and corrosion. After this protective coating, a black top layer has been applied. This top layer provides a beautiful shine. This makes the black beam supports look beautiful in combination with SLS spruce beams, for example. The beam supports black are available in the following popular sizes:

  • Beam support black for 5 x 15 cm beams
  • Joist hanger black for 4.5 x 14.5 cm beams
  • Joist hanger black for 5 x 10 cm beams
  • Joist hanger black for 5 x 15 cm beams

In addition to standard beam supports with or without flange and beam supports, Wovar now also supplies invisible beam supports, these beam supports cannot be seen after installation and are therefore also called blind mounting

Mending plates

Our Wovar mending plates are used for connecting beams. Mending plates are also called mending strips or mending anchors. mending plates are available in many different sizes. Mending plates are attached with chipboard screws or screw nails. There are sufficient mounting holes in each mending plate to securely mount the mending plates.

Buy beam supports online

Order the joist hangers, beam supports, U-shape beam supports or mending plates per 10 pieces and take advantage of our bulk discount. Companies in the construction and garden industry receive extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.

Wovar also supplies high-quality corner brackets, mending plates and swing brackets. If you are going to build a flat roof, we also recommend taking a look at our EPDM foil.