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Metal Brackets for Wood BeamsAnchors and Brackets

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Metal Brackets for Wood Beams

Buy affordable and excellent quality galvanised steel beam brackets and joist hangers for 1001 beam sizes. A common way to attach wooden beams to walls is to use a joist hanger. In this category of metal brackets for wood beams, you will find both steel joist hangers and corner brackets, as well as beam brackets with or without lip (also known as masonry and concealed joist hangers), and invisible beam brackets. For each beam bracket, we indicate the corresponding beam size.

Discover Wovar, the premium brand with attractive prices for joist hangers for use in timber construction. Choose from our sturdy chair brackets, beam brackets, joist hangers, or even invisible beam brackets. The beam brackets are made of galvanised steel and therefore very strong. When building wooden structures, always use high-quality fasteners such as our coach bolts, coach screws, or wafer head screws.

The joist hangers, beam brackets, and purlin hangers are easily mounted with the special Wovar chipboard screws, usually in the size 4 x 40 or 4 x 50 mm. Each beam bracket is provided with mounting holes that allow mounting in almost any situation. Looking for affordable metal brackets with fast delivery? We deliver joist hangers, made of high-quality galvanised steel, and more to your home or work.

Angle brackets

In addition to beam brackets and joist hangers, you can also buy angle brackets, and pergola brackets from Wovar. Opt for heavy-duty angle brackets for construction or simple corners for hanging garden screens.

Buying metal beam brackets

Wovar also supplies steel beam brackets with a long lip or without a lip. The brackets are also called masonry joist hangers and concealed joist hangers, respectively. The main advantage of the masonry joist hangers is that they can be fixed into a joint in the wall. Simply place the bracket in the desired spot when building the wall, secure it to the stone, and you have a strong timber to masonry connection ready to go.

The beam bracket is also widely used in timber frame constructions. In this case, the masonry flange is not secured in the joint of a wall, but can be fixed to the top of a beam with nails or chipboard screws. You can find beam brackets and joist hangers in all kinds of shapes and sizes on our website, including black beam brackets.

Mini hangers

In addition to heavy beam brackets and joist hangers, Wovar also supplies light-duty mini hangers. These are suitable for lighter constructions. The dimensions of these galvanised brackets correspond to narrow beams that are used, for instance, to make a storage attic that is not too heavily loaded. Examples of suitable sizes are 38 x 63 and 45 x 70 mm beams. 

Joist hangers

If you are building a roof or a floor, you are going to use joists. To connect these joists to beams, you use joist hangers. Wovar supplies joist hangers of exceptional strength. The joist hangers can be secured in many ways, using our Torx chipboard screws or coach screws. Anchor bolts or screw nails are also used for fastening joists.

The dimensions of the joist hangers correspond to the typical dimensions of wooden beams. Like our beam bracket, this heavy-duty metal bracket is suitable for securing heavy joists. Thanks to the many mounting holes, it is possible to attach our joist hangers in virtually all situations.

Black beam brackets

Wovar's black beam brackets have a black powder-coating. This powder coating penetrates deep into the galvanised steel and provides excellent protection against rust, oxidation, and corrosion. After this protective coating, a black top layer is applied, which produces a beautiful shine. This makes the black brackets look great in combination with, for example, SLS spruce beams. The black beam brackets are available in the following popular sizes, among others:

  • Black beam bracket for 5 x 15 cm beams
  • Black beam bracket for 4.5 x 14.5 cm beams
  • Black beam bracket for 5 x 10 cm beams
  • Black beam bracket for 5 x 15 cm beams

In addition to standard beam brackets with or without lip and joist hangers, Wovar now also supplies invisible beam brackets. After mounting, these supports are out of sight, and are therefore also called invisible connectors.

Mending plates

Our Wovar mending plates are used for connecting beams, boards, or other wooden objects, such as bookcases. Mending plates are also called plate connectors and are available in various sizes. Mending plates are fastened with chipboard screws or screw nails. There are enough mounting holes in each mending plate to securely mount the plate connectors.

Buying metal brackets online

Order joist hangers, beam brackets, angle brackets, mending plates, or any of our anchors and brackets. Companies in the construction and garden sector receive additional benefits with a business account.

Wovar also supplies high-quality swing set brackets and storm anchors. Additionally, you can choose our hammer fixings or frame fixings to anchor wood to stone. In addition to these joist hangers, Wovar also supplies shelf brackets, metal roof trims, and post anchors.