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Ground Screws

Do you want to install a post, roof, garden house, or other construction in the ground? Then you will soon think of pouring concrete. However, this is no longer necessary with steel screw foundations. You can easily unite large and relatively heavy structures with the ground with one or more screw piles. Our screw foundations are elongated, sharp piles that you screw into the ground. Due to the coarse thread, you can easily screw it into the ground, but the post also retains a lot of grip on the soil surface.

We deliver steel screw piles at lightning speed throughout Europe and beyond!

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Advantages of Ground Screws

The use of ground screws brings many advantages, like a major reduction in costs compared to pouring concrete! Additionally, a foundation made with ground screws can be placed quickly, but can also be heavily loaded immediately. This is in contrast to concrete, which has to harden first. You also prevent environmental damage, because with other foundation types you often run a vibratory plate or pile driver over the ground. Because the bottom remains uncovered, nature can simply take its course. No surface sealing ensures that rainwater and the ecosystem in the soil continue to run their course. The ground screws are reusable. So if you make changes to the location, you don't have to throw them away, but you can just roll them out and use them again!

How do Screw Pile Foundations Work?

Ground screws provide a simple, yet effective structural support. The screw piles are made of strong hot-dip galvanized steel, suitable for a lot of weight. The sharp drill point at the end of the screw pile allows you to easily drive the screw pile foundation through the surface. This way you can easily integrate the screw piles in your garden or other soil surfaces. You can screw in the screw pile by hand, but for heavy work, you can also use a metal rod.

Screw Piles for Roof and Terrace

These ground screws are suitable for a simple roof, but also for supporting a terrace. It is of course important to pay attention to the weight that is placed on the screw piles. With large weights, it is wise to take one more screw pile. The wire capacity is many hundreds of kilograms per screw pile. The strong steel will last for years. The expected lifespan is well above 40 years!

Ordering Screw Pile Foundations

Are you also going to get started with screw pile foundations? Order your ground screws for garden rooms easily and quickly from Wovar. This way you enjoy competitive prices, but also fast delivery. Always keep a lookout for our volume discounts when placing your order. We offer a discount on most products when you purchase several items at once. For business customers, we have our business account. This makes various construction and Handyman companies eligible for additional benefits.