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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Breather Membranes

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Breather Membranes

Are you building or renovating a facade or roof, and are you looking for high-quality membranes? Wovar offers breather membranes with a thickness of approximately 120 gr/m2. This membrane is suitable for closed roofs and facades. A breather membrane allows vapour and moisture to escape the structure, while not letting any in. This prevents wood rot and mould, which in turn results in a longer lifespan for the structure you are building. 

We offer breather membranes on rolls with a width of 1.5 m. You can choose whether you want a roll of 25 or 50 m, and whether you prefer a regular breather membrane or a self-adhesive breather membrane. If you decide on the regular breather membrane, don't forget to add the corresponding glue to your order. It is also possible to attach the breather membrane with nails or staples. In that case, we recommend stainless steel nails or staples with a minium length of 25 mm. Stainless steel does not rust when in contact with moisture.

For the best finish, we recommend adding tape and foil tape for roof and facade foils to your order. These ensure a water- and airtight connection, and prevent acids in the wood from damaging the membrane.

Installing a breather membrane is relatively straightforward. Because we understand that this is not an everyday task, we explain below how you can best apply this vapour-permeable membrane. We recommend that you always opt for the high-quality tape and glue from Wovar.

Installing a breather membrane

Start with applying foil tape on the wood to prevent acids in the wood from seeping into the breather membrane. You can now start fastening the membrane from left to right. Make sure the front (with our membranes the coloured side) is facing outwards. Start at the bottom. Secure the breather membrane with stainless steel staples with a length of at least 25 mm. Insert a staple every 25 cm. This will prevent the membrane from coming loose due to the weather. We recommend always using glue and staples, as only gluing the breather membrane is often not enough. Cover any remaining gaps, seams, and staples with tape for roof and facade foils. Ensure an overlap of 10 to 15 cm between the different lengths. Us a snap-off knife to cut the membrane to size.

In addition to the regular breather membrane, Wovar also offers self-adhesive membranes. This does not mean that the membrane is completely self-adhesive; only the edges of a self-adhesive breather membrane actually have an adhesive layer. You do not need to use glue with this membrane. Remember to cover any staples and seams with tape to create an airtight layer.

What do I need to install a breather membrane?

What you need partly depends on the membrane you order. With self-adhesive membranes, it is not necessary to order glue. If you opt for the regular breather membrane, however, we recommend that you do so. In addition, you attach the membrane using stainless steel staples. The exact staples you require depend on the device you are using. Most commonly used are those of at least 25 mm. Cover the staples with our tape roof and facade foils. 

Buying breather membranes

Order breather membranes for a competitive price today. Construction companies, gardeners, and carpentry businesses benefit from extra advantages with a business account.

Is a breather membrane not quite what you are looking for? Check out our UV-resistant House Wraps. Wovar also offers tarpaulins, weed membranes, and transparent plastic sheeting.