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Chemical Anchors

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Chemical Anchors

Here you will find everything you need to use a chemical anchor. With a chemical anchor from Wovar, you can create strong fixing points in your wall. Do you want to install a chemical anchor in a hollow wall? Do not forget to order a sieve sleeve. You will also find supplies such as a mixing spout, wire brush, and bellows. It is important that the drill hole in your wall is properly dust-free before you apply the chemical anchor.

As you can see, different sizes of wire brushes and sieve sleeves are available, from M6 to M12. This way you can adjust the size to the desired size of the drill hole. At Wovar, companies in the construction, Handyman, or garden industry benefit from extra benefits, such as a discount, with a business account!

Are you looking for glue or sealant? You can also contact Wovar for this! Take a quick look at our extensive range of glue, sealants, and tape. For example, you will find our adhesive sealants, but also duct tape, polyurethane foam, and various sealant accessories.

With a chemical anchor, you provide a solid attachment point in your wall. This can be done in both solid and hollow walls. The chemical anchor provides you with a piece of threaded rod in the wall. After the anchor has hardened, the wire is firmly in place and you can use it as an attachment point for all kinds of constructions. It is important to clean the mounting hole from dust before installing the anchor. You can do this with a bellows and wire brush. At Wovar you can order all the supplies for placing a chemical anchor. You can also order all the supplies you need from us for different drill hole sizes, from M8 to M12. 

How does a Chemical Anchor Work?

It is easy to apply a chemical anchor. You first drill a hole in the wall. After that, it is important to make the hole dirt and dust free. You can do this with a bellows which blows away the dust and with a wire brush. If you place the anchor in a hollow wall, it is important to first place a strainer sleeve for strength. You can install the anchor directly in a full wall. After applying the chemical anchor you can place the piece of threaded rod. Allow the whole to harden before loading the attachment point. 

Buying your Chemical Anchor

Buy your chemical anchor now at an affordable price from Wovar! When purchasing 12 pieces you already benefit from a high volume discount. Companies in the construction, Handyman, or garden sector benefit from extra benefits, such as a business discount, with a business account

Do not forget to order the supplies directly. You can add the sieve sleeves, the bellows, and the mixing spout directly to your shopping cart. You can also contact Wovar for threaded rods.