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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware

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A threaded rod, also referred to as a threaded bar, is a fastener with threading and without a head. With a threaded rod, you can tightly connect two objects to each other. Wovar offers various threaded rods with a length of 1 meter. You can attach several threaded rods to each other, or cut one with a hacksaw if you want a threaded rod of a different length.

Wovar offers both galvanised and stainless steel threaded rods. The stainless steel option is generally used in humid or wet spaces. The galvanised threaded rods can be used for heavier constructions. The 4.8 galvanised threaded rods are for lighter applications, like hanging a radiator. The 8.8 galvanised threaded rods is incredibly strong and is often used in construction work and the metal industry.

When you are going to shorten a threaded rod, it is important not to damage the threading too much. You can easily cut off a piece with a hacksaw. Before you start, screw a nut onto the rod. After shortening the threaded rod, twist the nut to take it off. This causes the threading to go back to the right shape.

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Wovar Threaded rods

Wovar supplies stainless steel threaded rods and galvanized threaded rods in 2 different qualities. These are quality 4.8 and 8.8. The difference in quality is in the tensile strength of the threaded rods. The tensile strength at 4.8 quality threaded rods is 40 kg per mm2. Threaded ends 8.8 quality have a tensile strength of 80 kg per mm2. Threaded ends are also referred to as threaded anchors or threaded rods. A threaded end is a long bolt that is fully threaded. Wovar supplies threaded ends in various thicknesses, ranging from M4 to M18. Do not forget to order the correct nuts with your threaded ends.

Runners in our range of stainless steel and galvanized threaded anchors are threaded rod M8, threaded rod M10 and threaded rod M16. Do you want to buy top quality threaded rods cheaply? Then discover Wovar, we deliver threaded rods in no more than 2-5 business days throughout Europe!

The quality of threaded rod you choose depends entirely on the application for which you will be using threaded rods. For construction construction and the metal industry it is necessary to use threaded rods of 8.8 quality. Would you like to hang up a fixture or radiator? Then the 4.8 quality thread ends are sufficient.

The galvanized and stainless steel threaded rods from Wovar are 1 meter long. The threaded ends can be extended using coupling nuts. Make a custom table, stone partition or concrete base from our galvanized threaded rods.

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You are looking for a hardware store with fast delivery, attractive prices and quality. Order stainless steel and galvanized studs for the lowest price from premium brand Wovar. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.

Are you going to use the threaded rods to build a canopy? Use our strong wood consutrction screws for the angled braces. Do not forget to provide the flat roof with our EPDM foil.